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FREE Farm Animal Lollipop Printables

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Hi everyone. It’s time to get crafty! Let’s turn your Lollipops into adorable farm animals today with our free farm animal lollipop printables. One of our most popular posts is our Christmas Lollipops, so let’s branch out a little.

Your little ones will be excited to find the lollipops hidden underneath the animals. These farm animals printables are perfect for any occasion.

And if this isn’t what you are after lollipop-wise (!), why not take a look at all the fabulous lollipop covers that we have for you. We have loads!

free farm animal lollipop printables.

We have chosen six awesome farm animals that your children will really love:

  1. Bobby the Carabao,
  2. Macky the Duck,
  3. Mau the Cow,
  4. Billy the Goat,
  5. Miggy the Pig, and
  6. Stephy the Sheep.

Today we are giving away those cute farm animals to cover your lollies for FREE! Simply download the animals you love to get started.

What you’ll need

  • Printed Animals,
  • Scissors (Make sure to guide your kids while using this),
  • Glue or anything that can seal your lollipop from printable, and
  • Lollipops; Chupachups work really well here.

Preparing your animal lollipops

  1. Print your favourite animals,
  2. Cut them out,
  3. Fold the printed animals in half,
  4. Insert Lollipop inside the hole, and
  5. Seal by using glue or tape.

And your covered lollipops are now ready to go.

There are loads of ways to use these free farm animal lollipop printables of course. Here are some ideas:

  1. Planning a party? These printables are perfect to fill your loot bags and even game prizes,
  2. Did your kids do something awesome today? These can be a great tool to motivate your kids with. We know that sweet rewards aren’t for everyone of course,
  3. Invite your kids friends and let them just have a bit of fun with the craft. You could even do a puppet show. Instead of puppets, they can use these lollies!
  4. Do you have a baby? This is a fun way to introduce them to farm animals. But remember hard candies are not suitable for babies. Don’t let them eat the lollipops, and finally:
  5. Why not just make them for fun – because you can!

There are 2 versions of farm and domestic animal lollipop covers:

  1. The first version has a circle in the nose (or close to the nose) of the animals for you to cut off and replace with the lollipop. These work the best with the Chupachups Lollipops as you can replace the whole with the Lolly, and
  2. The second version has no circle. You will hide the lollipop underneath the animal’s head. This is in case your kids aren’t fans of Chupachups, or perhaps you aren’t!

To download the farm animal lollipop cover set – just click on the square image below.

free farm animal lollipop printables.

We have a few other animal related activities that you might like to try on the site:

There are also some other farm animal activities out there too, why not take a look at some of these?

  • Buggy and Buddy has a wonderful Peek-a-Boo activity that makes your children excited and keeps them busy,
  • The Preschool Toolbox provides a farm animal bingo which will be great for kids and family, and
  • Teach me Mommy has a craft activity using the wooden sticks to create the farm animal puppets.

We would love you to come back and visit us again, so do please bookmark us. You might even want to sign up to our newsletter so you always know when we release new printables. We do try and do one every week, alongside our reviews, advice and giveaways.

I am sure we will see you again soon, and take care!


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