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Free Bear Hug Coupons #52KindWeeks

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We are busy with Christmas at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that there isnt a little bit of room for some Kindness this week! We have created some free bear hug coupons for you. What is a hug coupon I hear you ask?

Well – it is simple; because anything too complicated makes our brain hurt.

What is a Bear Hug Coupon?

These are incredibly easy to use – hand them out to anyone that you think needs a hug; and they are entitled to one whenever they pass it over to you. You could make then run out after one use, but we felt a little bit mean doing that – so instead, we’ve giving them no value – so you can decide!

It doesn’t HAVE to be a bear hug coupon, but we thought our bear was rather gorgeous, so we had to include him in the coupon; as otherwise he might get a little upset.

We have some free bear coupons to give out whenever you want! #bekind2017 #kindness #raok


We hope you like these, and use them well. Perhaps you can pop them in brithday cards, or even Christmas cards, to help spread a little more Christmas Kindness. Pass them on to the kids too, and they can use them at school; maybe with some of the children in their classes that are looking a little lonely or a bit sad.

We have a lot of other Kindness resources on the site as part of our weekly #52KindWeeks theme, including:

We hope you are able to take part in #52KindWeeks at some point, even if it is when Christmas dies down a little – we know it is a bit of a manic time of year just approaching us all.

If you do want to share your kindness experiences, then do feel free to post a link to either a social post covering this, or a blog with the details. We would love to hear from you. I had the most wonderful experience when we were taking some of the toys that we had received for free, but didn’t need anymore.

We have been given some large foam hands, branded from Dobble; which is rather a marvellous game; and sadly the kids didn’t want them anymore. So, when we marched into the charity shop to pass them on, we found that an SEN sport coach thought they were perfect for helping his SEN kids to learn to catch! The young lad we spoke to had an apprenticeship from Greenhouse Sports London, and took them there are then to use with the children he coaches with.

What a clever idea from him; and a wonderful charity too. Why don’t you pop over and give them a little love?

We have shared our Kindness experience this week, so do free free to share yours – it’ll only take a few moments. See you next Friday!

We hope you love our free bear hug coupons as much as we do!

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