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Free air fryer temperature and time chart cheatsheet

We have been enjoying our air fryer at KiddyCharts, and so we thought that we would help you out with something truly amazing this week. We have partnered with The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook to bring you a fantastic cheat sheet for you all. This gives you loads of your favourite items to cook in the air fryer, with times, and temperatures. Alongside that, there is even a little advice on whether you need oil with them for the best results. Why not download the sheet, buy the book, and get cooking with the kids today?

The cheatsheet is completely FREE for you to download of course. Just scroll down to the button and the image below, and it is yours.

This image advertises a free downloadable air fryer recipe cheat sheet with cooking temperatures and times, surrounded by ingredients like herbs, popcorn, and salt.

As always, before we give you the cheatsheet, we are going to let you now what the contents are, as well as show you how we have presented it. This way, you know if it is something that you would like to download. We don’t want to waste your precious time after all.

First a little on The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

The image shows the cover of "The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook" featuring various dishes, stating 140 recipes by Sam & Dom Milner, with metric and imperial measurements.

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook is authored by the duo, Sam and Dom Milner, who have been air-frying their way to deliciousness for over a decade. This book is your ultimate guide to mastering air frying. Whether you’re a busy bee parent, or a health-conscious foodie, this book has something for everyone. From Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs to Halloumi Fajitas and Chocolate Cake. It’s time to turn up the heat and cook up some fun for the family!

We have found the book includes some great twists on the staple air fryer ideas, plus a few bonuses along the way. A great edition to the family recipe shelf.

How to use your air fryer cheat sheet

Our cheatsheet pack consists of 6 pages, including a cover and a copyright notice. Each sheet has the cooking time, cooking temperature, to give you a general rule of thumb for how to cook different types of food in the air fryer rather than the traditional oven. 

Our advice would be to print this out, and have it nearby the air fryer, so that it is always there to refer too when you are using the air fryer instead of the oven recipe for the first time. We have tried to include what we would consider to be our favorite foods, so we hope they are yours too.

The image shows golden-brown potato wedges inside an air fryer with a visible temperature control knob, indicating a cooking process with less oil.

As a rule to cook in an air fryer instead of the conventional oven:

  • Take 20 degrees of the temperature,
  • Take one fifth of the total cooking time off, giving a lower temperature for you to cook your food,
  • Just spray a little oil into the fryer. You can use much less oil with the hot air heating in the air fryer than in a deep fat fryer.

The good news is though – we’ve largely done the calculations for you, so you don’t have to do so. Grab The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook for even more information. The book includes advice on what air fryer to get, more rules of thumb for cooking, and even what settings you need to use.

Remember, the settings on an air fryer are presets, so you can set to air fryer and then use your own manually – which is exactly what the information in this article is all about 😊

If you are cooking vegetables, or chips, it helps to have the food in a single layer too, making it easier for the heating element to cook evenly.

Frozen food

A counter-top air fryer with a whole roasted chicken inside. Kitchen background with a patterned tile wall and food containers.

Our first cheats are all around frozen food. We have covered as many different foods as we can with this list to make the cooking process easier. Clearly, you can cook lots of different frozen foods in the air fryer from Chicken nuggets, to chicken tenders. However, how long do you have to do so for all the different frozen varieties out there?

FoodTime (min)CFOil?
Boneless wings14180360No
Chicken balls12180360No
Chicken strips12180360No
Popcorn chicken8180360No
Chicken fingers10180360No
Chicken kiev20180360No
Chicken pie20180360No
Potato waffles5180360No
Roast potatoes8180360No
Potato wedges16180360No
Potato skins 10180360No
Jacket/baked potatoes27160320No
Curly fries15180360Yes
Skin-on fries20180360Yes
Fish fingers/sticks 12180360No
Mozzarella sticks8180360No
Cauliflower bites6180360No
Halloumi fries8180360Yes
Onion rings10200400Yes
Sausage rolls12180360No
Breaded mushrooms 10180360No
Spring rolls8180360No
Onion bhajis6180360Yes
Mini pizzas6180360No
Quarter pounder15180360No
Veggie burgers10180360No
Swedish meatballs8180360No
Egg rolls15160320No
Yorkshire pudding4180360No
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Reheating food in your air fryer

A white air fryer sits on a kitchen counter. A person is pulling out the basket containing golden-brown samosas. A gas stove is in the background.

Obviously, we all sometime overestimate what we need. Alternatively, we are distracted by the kids and our food gets cold 😉. Frankly, the later is most likely for us of course…

When this happens, it is a good idea to reach for the air fryer for that freshly cooked taste. That way, the food you somehow managed to forget / mislay / get distracted from still tastes good, right?

Here are the temperatures and times for some of the commonly reheated items in your air fryer:

FoodTime (min)CFOil?
Chips/French fries6180360Yes
Fish n Chips8160320Yes
Quarter pounder8160320No
Onion rings6160320Yes
Doner meat3160320No
Egg rolls8180360No
Sliced roast beef3160320No
Rotisserie chicken30160320No
Chicken wings8180360Yes
Apple strudel5160320No
Apple pie8160320No
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Breakfast favourites

The image features a black air fryer surrounded by freshly baked croissants on plates, with a creamer and other breakfast items, on a neutral backdrop.

What better way to start the day with the family than with an air fryer breakfast? Here is a reference guide for all your brekkie favourites:

FoodTime (mins)CFOil?
Soft boiled eggs10120250No
Hard boiled eggs16120250No
Cheese bagels4200400No
Back bacon8180360No
Streaky bacon6180360No
Black pudding8180360No
Grilled tomoatoes8180360No
Baked beans6180360No
Frozen hash browns10180360No
Frozen sausages15160320No
Frozen sausage patties12160320No
Frozen pancakes6160320No
Frozen croissants9180360No
Frozen pain au chocolat10160320No
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Chicken recipes

The image shows golden-brown chicken wings cooking inside an air fryer basket, portraying convenient and healthier cooking without excessive oil.

Our first specific food section for our cheats, is Chicken. Check out the temperatures and times for these dishes below, and scroll down for our cheatsheet as well:

FoodTime (mins)CFOil?
Whole chicken45180360Yes
Chicken breast12175350Yes
Boneless chicken thighs25180360Yes
Frozen chicken nuggers8180360No
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Ideas for steak

An uncooked steak is placed inside an air fryer. Surrounding the fryer are cooked dishes including sliced steak, sausages, potatoes, greens, and a dipping sauce.

We love a good steak in our household. Here are the ways for you to make sure that any steak that you are cooking in the air fryer are perfect. Why not print this out, along with all the others for your kitchen by scolling down too?

CookTime (mins)CFOil?
Sirloin steak10180360No
New York strip steak10180360No
Rump steak9 each side180360No
T-bone steak9 each side180360No
Fillet steak4 each side180360No
Ribeye steak5 each side180360No
Skirt steak9 each side160320No
Flank steak9 each side160320No
Steak & chips20180360Yes
Pork steaks / Pork chops14180360Yes
Lamb steaks10180360Yes
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Fish recipes

Two seasoned salmon fillets with lemon slices atop are in an air fryer, prepared for cooking on a brown parchment liner. It's a home-cooked meal setup.

We have a few ideas for fish for you with the air fryer as well – check out the times for that perfect fillet for the family here:

FoodTime (mins) CFOil?
Salmon fillets8180360Yes
Whole tilapia22180360Yes
Scallops wrapped in bacon8180360No
Frozen fish fillets15180360No
Frozen salmon fillets15180360Yes
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Everyday veggies

Roasted cauliflower florets inside an air fryer basket, showing crispy edges and golden-brown color, indicating a cooked, healthy vegetable dish.

Vegetables are really healthy to do in the air fryer of course. We have collated some of our favourites for you, so you know just how long they take in the air fryer. Check them out below for the perfectly done finish for your plates:

CookTime (mins) C FOil?
Butternut squash20180360No
Baby corn12180360No
Pak choi/bok choy6180360No
Cherry tomatoes4180360No
Courgette/zucchini 12180360No
Mixed/bell peppers10180360No
Sliced onion8200400No
Cubed pumpkin/squash20180360No
Sliced carrots15180360No
Halved brussels sprouts10180360No
Cabbage steaks20160320No
Beetroot wedges20180320No
Fresh broccoli15160320No
Fresh cauliflower20160320No
No-peel roasted garlic15180360Yes
Frozen sprouts & bacon13170340Yes
Frozen broccoli20170340No
Frozen baby carrots25180360No
Frozen corn on the cob15180360No
Frozen green beans8180No
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

Vegetarian and Vegan

We haven’t forgotten those that are using the air fryer for their no-meat diets. So here are some additional suggestions for those of you that don’t eat meat. Remember it is easy to print the full details for this, and our other cooking suggestions out. Just look further down the page for the button:

FoodTime (mins)CFOil?
Curried chickpeas7180360Yes
Cajun tortilla chips10180360Yes
Cheese toasties / Grilled cheese12200400No
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook


A person uses a black air fryer on a kitchen countertop, surrounded by raw potatoes and tomatoes, indicating meal preparation.

We haven’t forgotten the stable of everyone’s (or most people’s) diet – the potato. Here are the main ways you cook our beloved friends, and our suggestions for the air fryer:

FoodTime (mins)CFOil?
Homemade chipfries25180360Yes
Potato slices25180360Yes
Baby potatoes20180360Yes
Jacket/baked potato45180360Yes
Source: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook

We hope you will agree this is a fantastic resource. Why not download it and store it in the kitchen, so you can always refer to it when you are using the air fryer?

The image features an air fryer cooking time and temperature chart, popcorn in an air fryer basket, and various fresh herbs and spices.

What does the free air fryer cooking chart look like?

If you want a sneak preview of what you are getting, we have one for you. You can check out the below images. Now you know what you are letting yourself in for when you download and print the cheatsheet out:

The above is the cover and the first page of the timings for you; so its all about frozen food.

Our next two sheets cover reheating, breakfast, and the meats and fish. For our final sheet, we are talking vegetables, and potatoes:

This image is an air fryer time and temperature chart for cooking various everyday vegetables, vegetarian, vegan, and potato dishes, indicating whether to use oil.

As you can see, we’ve got you and your air fryer covered rather well.

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Thanks so much for coming to see us all on KiddyCharts, and we would love to see you again.

This image offers a free air fryer cheat sheet for family cooking, featuring a raw steak in an air fryer and a preview of the cheat sheet.

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