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Coloring pages of unicorn ideas: A free to download rainbow fantasy adventure

We’ve got a treat for all your fantasy fans on the site today – a wonderful collection of coloring pages of unicorn ideas for you to have fun with – check them out now and have a ball!

The image shows a promotional graphic for free unicorn coloring pages aimed at kids and adults with a sample coloring page and a unicorn headband.

Before you download them – check them all out below:

Lets start with cute coloring pages of unicorn ideas for you all

The first page is our cover page of course, and then we start with our coloring pages for you. This first features an adorable baby unicorn with a fabulous mane and tail. Its horn spirals up from the middle of its forehead. This cute, cartoon-style unicorn has large expressive eyes and a sweet smile. Let your child’s creativity shine by coloring the unicorn’s mane and tail in shades of pink, purple and blue. Add glitter or sequins to give this magical creature an extra sparkle.

Unicorns and flowers

This image shows a line art coloring page featuring a unicorn surrounded by various flowers, bubbles, and a crescent moon among clouds.

On the second page, a unicorn is placed within a set of swirling flowers, and hearts, and spots. The unicorn is less cartoon, and you cannot see the full animal in this coloring pages. The unicorn is turning its head gently, showing its kindness. The detailed background features lots of gorgeous flowers. As your child colors in the scene, talk about how unicorns are mythical creatures. Carry on reading our article for more information on unicorns.

Let’s color our thoughtful unicorn

The third page depicts a unicorn in a similar situation to the previous one, with flowers, and swirls in the background.

As with the previous design, this unicorn’s head can only be seen. The unicorn has another gentle expression on their face.

It looks to be looking thoughtful at the person coloring in.

Perhaps you can your child can think about what it might be thinking while you color it in?

This is a black and white coloring page featuring a stylized unicorn with swirling hair amidst a floral background, with watermark credit "KiddyCharts 2023."

Ready for your close up unicorn?

This is a black and white coloring page featuring a smiling unicorn with a flowing mane, surrounded by flowers and stars, intended for children.

Our fourth page is an even closer-up picture of a unicorn. This time we have gone back to the more cutesy-style of unicorn image.

This unicorn has an intricate mane to color in, as well as a set of three flowers around her neck.

There are also stars in the background, which encompass the majesty and beauty of the unicorn.

What color mane do you think this one should have?

Unicorns and rainbows

The fifth page features a cute unicorn again, but this time we have a whole image for the unicorn for you to color in.

This one is standing in a field of flowers, and has a wonderful rainbow behind them.

There is even a beautiful flower on the unicorn, just next to a beautiful, bushy tail.

The unicorn is raising one of its front legs playfully as well.

This is a black and white coloring page featuring a cute, smiling unicorn with a spiraled horn, standing before a rainbow, sun, and stars.

Our adult unicorn coloring page – or a challenge for the kids!

This is a black and white coloring page featuring a stylized unicorn amidst a whimsical forest with clouds, sun, moon, stars, and mushrooms.

A unicorn grazes serenely amidst flowering bushes on the sixth page. Its eyes are closed as it enjoys the tranquility. Delicate butterflies flit about, landing on flowers.

Encourage your child to take time carefully coloring the unicorn’s mane and tail different colors and shading the wings and bodies of the butterflies.

Alternatively, as this is a little more intricate, have a go at coloring this one yourself while your child does the other 5 pages 😂

While you are coloring these in, how about some additional ideas, and learning for you to do with the kids?

Fun facts about unicorns

Here are some fun facts about unicorns that you can chat about while you color them in?

  • Unicorns are often depicted with cloven hooves like goats, lion-like tails, and horse-like bodies. Their horns are spiral and white.
  • Many cultures have legends of unicorn-like creatures, including India, China, and ancient Greece.
  • Some stories say unicorns could only be tamed by virtuous maidens.
  • Unicorns have appeared in movies, books, cartoons, video games, and on toys for centuries.
  • Scotland and the United Kingdom have adopted the unicorn as a national symbol.

Finally – what do we know about unicorns?

The ancient lore of unicorns

For centuries, unicorns have had a special place in mythology and legend. Ancient Greek writers believed the unicorn was a powerful, fierce animal that no hunter could capture. Later tales suggested only maidens could tame unicorns.

Christian texts presented the unicorn as a symbol of Christ. The magical single horn was thought to neutralise poison. Over time, unicorns became more gentle, benevolent symbols linked to purity and wisdom. Let the mythical unicorn spark your child’s interest in history while they explore their creativity through coloring.

This collection of fantastical coloring pages of unicorn ideas encourages imagination and develops coordination. We hope that your child will experiment with color on each unique page. Alongside this, they may learn concentrate too.

To unleash the magic of unicorns with these fun, free printable coloring pages perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, just click on the button below:

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The image showcases an advertisement for free unicorn coloring pages, featuring examples of coloring sheets with whimsical designs on a vibrant background.

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