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Free unicorn party box

Children love the magic of unicorns. This fantasy creature is a horse combined with some imagination to have a horn on top of its head. Unicorns come in all shapes and sizes and are a beloved magical being to many kids.

How to throw a magical unicorn birthday party

If your child loves unicorns and you’re thinking about throwing a magical unicorn birthday party, then you’re going to love the printable unicorn activity we have to share today. We’re providing you with a magical unicorn birthday party box. In this box, you can feature amazing gifts and fun for your birthday party guests.

We wanted to expand upon our offering today by providing you with some simple ideas for your magical unicorn birthday party. What should you have for games, treats, entertainment and so forth during a magical unicorn birthday party? Well, continue reading to find out the answers.

What do you serve at a unicorn party?

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, then you’ll most certainly see a lot of magical unicorn themed birthday party food ideas. I highly recommend you serve some unicorn cupcakes, popcorn and magical rainbow punch for the kids to dive into this magical birthday party event.

It’s best to ask your guests if they have any food allergies when sending out your unicorn birthday party invites. Make an extra note where guests can inform you of any allergies so that you can plan to serve allergy-friendly food items at your kid’s unicorn birthday party.

How do you play pin the horn on the unicorn

One game idea for your magical unicorn birthday party is pin the horn on the unicorn. Print a photo of a unicorn and a unicorn’s horn. Go to your local copy center to have this photo enlarged and make copies of a unicorn horn for all guests. If you have a printer copier at home, you can try to enlarge the unicorn photo and print multiple unicorn horns at home.

Pin the horn on the unicorn is an excellent party game idea for kids to enjoy during this magical unicorn birthday party event!

Unicorn birthday party box

Now that we’ve shared some ideas on what to serve and do at this magical unicorn party, you’re probably wondering what to do with this unicorn birthday party box printable? Well, we have some ideas for you!

Print out the magical unicorn birthday party box. Print as many boxes as you need for the guests that have RSVP’d to this magical unicorn birthday party.

Have your kids put the box together based on the instructions found on the printable. You’ll essentially cut the template out and fold the paper as if you’re doing an origami project until all sides match up and are secure to form a birthday party box.

This magical unicorn birthday box can be used for party favours. Purchase some fun unicorn themed kids erasers, pencils, figurines and other small items that can be given to your kid’s guests upon arrival at the birthday party.

This unicorn birthday box is an excellent way to say thank you to the guests for coming to your kid’s birthday party. The items within the unicorn birthday party box don’t have to be expensive. You can gather some items from your local dollar store to place inside.

Now that you’ve read our tips to throw a magical unicorn birthday party and how to use our magical unicorn birthday party box, it’s time to get started! Print out your unicorn birthday party box today and put the box together. Start preparing for this fun-filled day of celebrating another year of your kid’s life.

Click this square image below to download the unicorn party box.

You're going to love the printable unicorn party box activity we have to share today!

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Chelsea Sauve - Wandure

Thursday 27th of February 2020

Such a cute idea for a birthday party! I am totally going to explore this for my niece - thank you!

Heather Mitchell

Thursday 27th of February 2020

Oh how fun little girl birthdays are!

Jackline A

Monday 24th of February 2020

Love the idea of a free unicorn box. Thank you for sharing.

Erik the Hungry Traveller

Monday 24th of February 2020

With this party box I am sure any kid would enjoy and have a blast.

kevin Akidi

Sunday 23rd of February 2020

What a great idea for kid's parties. The unicorn box is certain to be a hit. All the little girls I know love unicorns. And the good part is, it is a printable so we do not have to make it from scratch.

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