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Christmas word search printable for fun with your kids

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It is THAT time of year when we are all looking for fun things to do with the kids, that require a little less work for us. There is nothing that says a bit of me time that giving a Christmas word search printable to the kids, to give you a bit of space to chill out in. We have three Christmas-themed worksheets for you to download for the kids in class, or just for something to do with them at home.

We’ve got a different theme for each sheet; with Santa, a Snowman, and then the Christmas tree being the main focus for the sheets, depending on what background you have on the sheet.

What is included in the free Christmas word search printable?

We like to give you a sneak peak – so here you go. These are the first two sheets that we have for you:

Our first printable has a Santa theme to it, so there are 9 words to locate, all relevant to the big red fella:

  1. Tree,
  2. Reindeer,
  3. Elves,
  4. Dasher,
  5. Santa,
  6. Candy,
  7. Snow,
  8. Jolly, and
  9. Merry.

The words in this, and in all of the word searches, are to be find going up, down, left and right, but not backwards of diagonally. We didn’t want to make these too hard for the little ones that might want to have a little Christmas fun.

The second printable has a few more snowy words included within it. There are still a few Santa references, but we also include the snowman that you might have fun building around Christmas time. There are ten words to locate within this worksheet including:

  1. Chimney,
  2. Sled,
  3. Christmas,
  4. Cookies,
  5. North,
  6. Milk,
  7. Noel,
  8. Lights,
  9. Snowman, and
  10. Frosty.

Our final sheet has a Christmas Tree theme – and you can see this one below:

The words included within this sheet include some of those that are more relevant to the decorations that we al love to put up at this time of year, alongside the usual Christmas fun. Check out and look for:

  1. Stocking,
  2. Winter,
  3. Jingle,
  4. Sleigh,
  5. December,
  6. Joy,
  7. Scrooge,
  8. Wreath,
  9. Carol,
  10. Star,
  11. Manger, and
  12. Peace.

This is the hardest of the three word searches as it has 12 words for the children to locate, and some of the longer ones too, including December, Scrooge and Stocking.

If you want to download these Christmas word search printable sheets then you just need to click on the button below, and it’ll take you to the PDF for all three of them.

We do hope that you enjoy doing them with the kids, or the cup of tea that giving them to your children let’s you have! 🤣

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Thanks for visiting us today, and do come back again soon, won’t you?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.