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Christmas puzzles to print for free

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We’ve got four lovely Christmas puzzles to print out for little hands for you today. Three unique designs, with different numbers of pieces so that there are a few different ages that these puzzles cater for. Christmas is such a fabulous season for playing games and solving puzzles, we thought we would offer some for free within the Time to Pee membership. Check it out, and sign up today to get access to this free exclusive. Don’t forget to check out the other goodies in our shop too.

What Christmas puzzles do we get?

There are three designs in this set for you, all with a lovely festive theme, and beautifully drawn and illustrated to get you in the mood for Christmas.

Our first design is shown above and includes a lovely winter / christmas scene in a street overnight. What’s going on in these houses? Lots of Christmas preparations we imagine, from the pink house, to the orange one, we can imagine lots of happy smiling faces excited about Christmas, while the adults rush about wrapping, baking and preparing for the big day.

Have you spotted that Santa and his reindeer are in the sky above the houses? He’s obviously getting ready to nip down some of those chimneys and drop the presents off. Maybe he’ll go to the tallest house first?

Our second two puzzles are for the younger and slightly older children.

The first one has four pieces and is a cosy fireside scene with the tree, a rocking horse, and presents next to a lovely, welcoming fireplace. Only four pieces means that this is a simple puzzle for toddlers to do. Laminate it and they’ll have loads of fun putting it together.

Why not imagine what’s in the presents for some Letters to Santa clues?

The last puzzle has eight pieces – from the top to the bottom of the lovely snow scene with your very own snowman to build *indoors of course*.

What do we think is being cooked inside the house causing the smoke from the chimney? We figure that they are toasting marshmallows to keep their toes warm. Maybe your kids have other ideas?

It is a lovely idea to discuss the pictures with your children while they are making them. It really helps with their cognitive, reasoning and imaginative skills to think about these pictures in these ways. They may just be three Christmas puzzles on the face of it, but conversations and imagination can make them so much more.

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