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Camping scavenger hunt printable

Camping is one of our favourite things to do, and it’s even more fun when you have games to play in the tent and the campsite while you are away. To help you all our we have a free camping scavenger hunt printable for you to download for free from the site. This complements brilliantly the camping drawing prompts that we have on the membership site. So why not take a look at them too so that you have lots of ideas for the next camping trip you go on?

How to use the camping scavenger hunt

This is SO simple to do, even we can get it right 🤣. It’s great for summer, but you could just as easily do this any time of year. It’s one of many great family activities we have on site, so do explore everything we have too:

  1. Print out the campground scavenger hunt printable by clicking on the button a little lower down in this article. Forgive the article length – we need to make some money from the site 😉
  2. Group yourself into teams, and give yourself a time limit to explore the campsite. For older children, they can do this on their own, but for younger kids, parents need to go with them,
  3. Agree a points penalty for those that are late back to the meeting spot, for example minus three points for every minute later than the agreed time,
  4. Agree a place to meet after the scavenger hunt, so that you can count up and see who the winner is,
  5. All head off around the campsite to look for all the items in the picture,
  6. When you find something, cross it off the scavenger hunt list, and write on the back, or next to the image, where you found it,
  7. Keep looking until your time is up, and then head on back to the meeting point,
  8. Wait for all the teams to come back, deduct any points for lateness,
  9. Count up the number of items that have been found. You can either trust people haven’t made it up, OR put in an extra step, with someone going about the campsite after first printing the sheet out and checking everything out,
  10. The winner is the group / person that finds the most items on the sheet in the time allowed.

Scavenger hunt variations

  1. Run as an camping ispy instead – see what you can spot from a specific place in a set time, and the person who spots the most wins. Obviously, they need to be able to describe where everything is! If you like iSpy games, we have a few on the site, so do take a look at them,
  2. Don’t set a time limit, just pick a few items that you know are about the campsite, and then the person, or group that find them all in the shortest space of time are the winners,
  3. Add an extra nature twist – give extra points for animals that are spotted that are not on the sheet, BUT they have to be photographed. This is a lovely was to get kids involved with nature and photography. Oh, and it makes sure that the slightly older ones, think they can get random bonus points too…. You can add a bonus for a specific animal too. For example, see and photograph a deer, you get 3 points, everything else is 1 point.

Pretty cool, right as an outdoor scavenger hunt?

Camping scavenger hunt with leaves, flask, and a picnic mat.

We would like to make sure that you know what everything is within the image, so here is a list of all the items that we have included within the scavenger hunt for you:

  • Mountain,
  • Binoculars,
  • Evergreen trees / fir trees,
  • Camper van,
  • Lamp,
  • Water bottle,
  • Waterfall,
  • Tent,
  • Pen knife,
  • Camping lodge,
  • Owl,
  • Hot chocolate,
  • Stick,
  • Torch,
  • Compass,
  • Foldable stool,
  • Magnifying glass,
  • Sleeping bag,
  • Frying pan,
  • Squirrel,
  • Campfire,
  • Map,
  • Axe,
  • Backpack,
  • Safari hat / hat,
  • Camera,
  • Wafer, and
  • Tripod

Lots of things for you all to find in your camping adventures. It seems like the right time to give you the button to download this free printable now:

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