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Christmas scavenger hunt free printable clue cards for kids

I know its a little early for some to be mentioning the C word…I totally get that. However, we have a few resources for you over the next few weeks to get uber ready for a fun time with the kids this Christmas. Today, we have some gorgeous clues for you to create a little elf treasure hunt with the kids at Christmas.

Elves treasure hunt dressed as an elf perhaps?

 In our house, it is a little bit of a traditional to have some form of yummy chocs on Christmas Eve in our advent calendars. Bot the kids have those gorgeous wooden calendars that you can pop your own treats into (link?)…

What are you going to hide on your Christmas Treasure hunt? We hide the choc from the 25th day in our advent!

In recent years, we have made Christmas even that little bit more fun by using riddles and clues, left by the elves, of course, to find that choccy.

The elves write their clues in rhyme; typically 3-5 for each chocolate for each child. We never make it too hard, just a little bit of extra excitement for both kids. Not to mention, the little extra thinking that’s required to solve those clues.

To help your Christmas to be a little bit special, we have got some free treasure hunt clue sheets for you to print out, especially for your little elves.

Clues are blank on one side for you to add your rhymes; with the number of the clue and a little Christmas decoration on the other side. Do make sure that you use a double sided printer to print these out.

Clue sheets for you to write your own ideas on. Kids love the surprise at the end of a Christmas Scavenger hunt

Clue cards 1-10

If you need a bit of help with your elf clues, here are some great resources for you:

We have you have fun doing the Scavenger hunt, but do let us know how you get on, and don’t forget to pin this later so you haven’t forgotten about it by the time Christmas comes!

If you are after yet more Christmas ideas, then it is worth checking out the printables board that we have on Pinterest too:

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See you soon for more printables fun.

Are you doing a Christmas Scavenger hunt with the elves and the kids - then download our clue card by visiting the site today! #christmas #elves #kidsactivities

Image credit: Little boy in Christmas Elf costume via Shutterstock and Hand-painted wooden advent calendar via Shutterstock

Free Christmas Scavenger hunt clue cards for those Christmas Scavenger hunts with the kids. 10 cards with clue numbers on the front and space to write clues on the back.

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Monday 5th of December 2016

"Christmas scavenger hunt free printable clue cards for kids"

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