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Baby Born activity sheets

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Need a fun printable to relax with? We’ve got just the thing for you, as we are sharing a lovely set of Baby Born activity sheets with you today.

Download these free printable Baby Born activity sheets for kids. I'm sure your little ones will have lots and lots of fun with them.

Baby Born activity sheets number one

There are many tangled lines in this printable activity sheet, but only one connects the two bears. Can you find which one it is?

Baby Born activity page 1

Baby Born activity sheets number two

Ready to do it again? This time around your kids will have to find a line that connects two little doggies. Aren’t these loads of fun, both for you and the kids?

Baby Born activity page 2

Baby Born activity sheets number three

We just can’t have enough of these. Do you love bunnies? Help these two pink bunnies find each other, by finding the line that connects them.

Baby Born activity page 3

Baby Born activity sheets number four

This activity sheet will put their eyes to the test, as they have to find which of the 10 trees is the same as the tall one next to the little bunny. It took us quite a while to spot it, how about you, can you find which of the 10 is the right one?

Baby Born activity page 4

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Baby Born activity sheets for kids

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