#PinItForwardUK: Potty Training the Pinterest Way

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Thanks so much to Capture by Lucy for introducing me in #PinItForwardUK. Bloggers across the UK have been asked to talk about why they use Pinterest. So here very much goes….

I have been using Pinterest alot for quite a while now, and not just because there are some jolly nice pictures on there, oh no. I go there for advice.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great products, wonderful designs, and lots of lovely things on their I wish I could make and afford. But the best thing about Pinterest is the content it leads you to.

The search engine lets you explore that content easily, and very visually, which is great for those of us that don’t have too much time. The pins can show you whether or not that content is worth spending a bit more time on, and visiting directly.

For example, we talk about potty training on this blog a lot, and it seems like we are not the only ones. It’s a time when parents everywhere hold their breathe and hope that there little ones will take to it well. Otherwise, the washing machine is on permanently, and its time to reach for the wine.

Because Potty Training is such a parenting war zone, Pinterest has a lot of opinions on it. There is a wealth of excellent information on Pinterest available at the click of a button.

So, just like me, if you have any burning parenting questions, whether on potty training or something else, why not find out what Pinterest has to offer? You would do worse than to come and check out the collaborative parenting tips board we run on KiddyCharts, which you can find here:

And if you aren’t on Pinterest and haven’t a clue what I am on about, why not get on there?

It’s a great place to pin content you love, and have found helpful. As the company have just re-launched in the UK, if you register with Pinterest, the content you get will be more localised, so if you do find that magic potty training solution (aside from our charts of course!), then you know you can get hold of it easily.

Bet you are fascinated by what pins caught my eye – well, here is Potty Training, done the Pinterest way!

Potty Training from the Social Media Frontline

Skinnymom.com have a great post on their site with the some excellent tips for training, some great ideas, including making sure you get naked. Not you of course, though, the toddler…


Put tape on the wall

This isn’t a post, just an image, but what a tip! My Stuntboy is five and still struggles to know how much toilet paper to use each time. Use some tape to show them then! Brilliant. Now we just need to use an arrow to show them where the wee is meant to go when they are standing up, right? ;-)


Boys can be harder…

…or at least so they say. And if that’s the case, then this pin from the parents.com website should help you on your way with ten great tips to help you out with the little tinkers, including the suggestion to use cereal to help them with their aim…Cheerios anyone?


But is your child ready?

Always a tough one, so here is a pin from Sweet Bottoms Baby to help you find out, a quiz to see whether or not you child is ready. It’s American, so uses the term diaper, but a bottom is the same whichever country its sitting down in!


Don’t let them fool you

And we can’t leave our list without one from my very own blog…this time on how your kids can give you the run around by making you think they are ready to potty train when, well quite frankly they aren’t!


I hope that you find these useful. And don’t forget to follow KiddyCharts on Pinterest for more top tips, though of course you will make to make sure you register yourself on Pinterest first too!. Enjoy.

Tomorrow, the delightful Metropolitan Mum will be chatting about her love affair with Pinterest too. She has a Mummy Lifestyle blog and is based in London, so her pinning is very much focused on this topic. Why not check out her post tomorrow too?

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  • There are some brilliant suggestions here, I love the tape/toilet paper idea *runs off to find coloured tape* Thank you

  • thanks so much for posting this its really helpful! also in the uk is brollysheets.co.uk that is great for getting potty training aids and advice, its proved invaluable for me and my little one

  • I love your parenting tips board! It is so useful. I actually don’t know how I survived before Pinterest came along LOL :)

  • Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Helen! It’s great to hear that you have found answers to so many parenting questions on Pinterest- I love the tape idea for toilet paper! Your Parenting Tips board is very inspiring, the tips for getting kids involved in the garden are fantastic! Lauren, Community Coordinator

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