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Dust mites: There’s a what in my bed…?

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This post is written in collaboration with The Bedding Company.

For those of you who don’t like little crawly things, than I suggest you look away now, or go make a nice cup of tea, grab a hob nob and read the paper.

I have some news for you, this infographic gives you a few chills in the bugs department, doesn’t it?

I knew about dust mites, but I really didn’t know quite what a ball they might be having in our bed linen. In fact, I am not 100% sure I am glad I now know, as it may mean I become overly obsessed with the washing. Its probably best I do know though, as then I can do something about it, and sharpish…

Personally I am rather disturbed by the fact that a dust mite can product over 200 times its weight in excrement in its lifetime. Granted they aren’t terribly big, but really, that is an awful lot of poo.

Could even rival those potty training, fruit eating tots we have around here….

But never fear, thankfully there is some sage advice to help give yourself a chance in fighting off the terrible dust mite – including washing that duvet every six months…do you wash your duvet? We do, and thankgoodness for that…

How did that make you feel? Are you reaching for the washing basket now?


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