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Parent Blogging All Stars #7: The Gingerbread House

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We chatted with Mums Do Travel last week, and this week we have the pleasure of another piece of sage advice from one of my fellow parent bloggers. Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers which have featured within the Parent Blogging All Stars over the weeks too.

Your Name:

Jenny Kearney

Blog Name:

The Gingerbread House

What are the sexes and ages of your children?:

I have one boy who has just turned 3 and a girl who is 15 months

What got you into parent blogging?:

My blog was originally a craft blog. When I was pregnant I realised there was a huge parenting community and I now write about parenting and crafts :)

What is your top parenting tip to share with our readers? Can be on any topic for little ones :-):

Just do your best. I find it easy to be overwhelmed by modern parenting advice. I’ve learned to ignore most of it and just do what feels right for us as a family :)

Can you share a parenting advice post with us from your blog too; your favourite one? Please include the link.:

My daughter had colic and reflux which made her first few months quite hard. I tried every medicine suggested!

Who’s your favourite parent blogger at the moment and why? Please include a link to their blog home page.:
I love reading Lucy’s blog at Attic24. Her blog is full of beautiful photographs of her home and the area where she lives, she also manages to create the most beautiful things as well as bringing up her three

We hope you enjoyed reading about Jenny’s blog, and perhaps found a few interesting articles there and on Lucy’s blog too.


Friday 24th of May 2013

Thank you for featuring me!

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