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Why should doing something like a girl be an insult? #likeagirl

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Like a girl: Always campaign

Sometimes you see a video and you have to share it, no reason, no payment changes hands, you just see something and it touches you and makes you realise that something is WRONG with the perceptions that the world has… This video is one of those times:

Being a girl isn’t something to be ashamed of, it is something that we all should be proud of as girls, mothers and women. Share this and help the next generation of women to take back the phrase “Like a Girl” so it no longer means anything negative. Let us be proud of being women, and help our children to feel proud too.

I KNOW my daughter has been told by her friends in class that she “runs like a girl” or plays football “like a girl”; but does that really matter? Why should they say it as though it was an insult?

She does all these things “like a girl” because she is one.

She is a beautiful, intelligent, amazing young girl and I am so proud of her and all she has and will achieve.

Let her read like a girl, talk like a girl, and love like a girl forever.

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