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Preparing a child for school: Do your emotions drive your child’s feelings?

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Preparing a child for school - Do your emotions effect them?

Preparing a child for school – Do your emotions effect them?

It’s that time of year when we are getting ready to prepare our children for any changes that will happen in September, preparing a child for school or nursery for the first time, moving up a year into a new class with a new teacher etc.

For us parents we think of our past, how we coped with the changes and try to analyse every situation our children will get into and how they may cope without us by their side. Comparing each child with how an older sibling coped, to prepare ourselves for their possible reaction to their new experiences.

For me, I have much older children. My youngest is about to start high school and my eldest about to start her GCSE options, which she is very excited about, as a year of doing things she has chosen to do is really appealing.

I remember too well how I felt when they were young and have been there many times before. Even as a nanny, you feel for the children you care for and how they will cope.

In my career, I have met many parents and carers, all dealing with the many situations we find ourselves in with our children and all dealing with them in different ways.

My observation is that our children behave as though they are looking in a mirror: if you are sad they are sad, if you are happy they are happy.

These two emotions are easily copied, but there are so many more: affection, anger, concern, desire, despair, empathy, excitement, grief, inspiration, joy, love, passion, pride, rage, satisfaction, sensitiveness, shame, sympathy, thrill, worried, rejected, anxiety, and that’s not all of them!!!!

As you can see it may be hard for them to work out which emotion you are feeling and most of the time you will be having more then one of them at the same time.

Bearing all this in mind ask yourself this: are your children reacting to what is happening to them and the changes around them or to you and the many emotions you are having about them growing up?

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How do you feel about your child and their next stage in school, whether its a new class, a new nursery, or the first time they are going to school? Let us know below.

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