Parenting Snapshots #7: Imaginative play – why bother?

Imaginative play: Encouraging it

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Imaginative play: Encouraging itNo more wee – yeah! This week we are chatting about imaginative play with your kids. It has been in the news recently about how important it is to play with our children. More specifically, how that parents, fathers in particular, aren’t sure how to “do” imaginative play effectively.

I sometimes struggle to know what to do when its just me and the kids. I am not a natural at this imaginative play lark; it just doesn’t come as easily to me as it perhaps does to others.

Don’t panic though, Kate and I have some tips. We discuss:

  • Why its important to take part in imaginative play with your children?
  • What is a reasonable amount of time to do so?
  • Is it OK to leave your kids to play by themselves too?
  • What ideas there are for encouraging imaginative play indoors, and outdoors too?
  • What can Dad’s do to get involved in imaginative play?

See – plenty of ideas there, its not just princesses and cups of tea now is it? It can even be Strictly with the Lego like it has been in our house recently. Not to mention the rather stunning impersonation of a rather over the top Bruno Tonioli from Strictly from dear old Brad.

What ideas do YOU have for encouraging imaginative play in the kids? What have you and the kids been up to recently?

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