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How to get kids to drink water with the Auron bottle | Ad

Do your kids put up a fight every time they have to drink water instead of a sugary drink? I was fighting with my kids almost every day over what went into their glasses and water bottles.

Honestly, it was exhausting, and I didn’t know what to do. But then I noticed something.

My kids would always argue about having to drink water at home or at a restaurant. But if we saw a drinking fountain at the park or in a store, they’d HAVE to get a sip of water.

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How to get kids to drink water with the Auron bottle

And then I realized it wasn’t about the taste of water. Water was just… boring. Once a little fun was added into the mix—pushing buttons, operating little fountains, playing games—suddenly, water was cool again.

That got me thinking: I don’t have to force my kids to drink water. I just have to make it fun so they choose to drink water over other drinks.

drink water with Auron bottle

It took a while, but I finally figured out how to get kids to drink water thanks to Auron Bottle. Auron is a self-cleaning smart water bottle for kids and adults. It turns drinking water into a fun little game that reminds them of playing on their phones and tablets.

Auron gets kids to WANT to drink more water. And when they drink more water, they’re less thirsty for sugary drinks and snacks. And the best part? No more fighting over what goes in their glass.

Auron’s new bottle is available for pre-order now. You can get yours for 60% off if you order during the pre-sale period with this link. Below, I’ll tell you what Auron can do and how I got my kids to drink more water without a fight.

Auron makes drinking water fun

Auron makes drinking water fun

I learned that one of the biggest things missing from water was the fun factor. Sure, kids love soda and juice because they’re sugary. But they also love them because of the fun commercials and colorful labels.

By giving water a makeover with Auron, my kids were much more likely to ask for a glass. Here’s how Auron works to make drinking water more fun.

Auron is a self-purifying water bottle equipped with a UVC light purifier right in the bottle. This means you get 99.99% pure water every time you take a drink. That has a bunch of benefits in itself (which we’ll get to in a second), but how does it make drinking water more fun?

Well, Auron has an LED touchscreen display on the lid that allows you to activate the cleaning process, check the temperature of your drink, or set hydration reminders. When you tap the lid twice, it starts a 60-second countdown while it cleanses the contents of the bottle.

This might not seem entertaining to you, but to young children, it’s the perfect type of low-maintenance task to engage them and make drinking water fulfilling and fun.

With Auron, water becomes more than water. It “transforms” in the bottle to become something new. You can tell your kids that they can only drink this special water at certain times, and only after the countdown is complete. This idea of scarcity will also make water from Auron a lot more appealing.

Just set Auron’s hydration reminders to go off every few hours, and your kids will be fighting over who gets to press the button and who gets to drink first.

It sounds crazy, but it REALLY works. I have to keep a chart on the wall so the kids can keep track of whose turn it is to hold Auron and tap the lid. They’ve never been more excited to drink water.

Auron makes drinking water more fun

Cleaner water for healthier families

Beyond the fun factor, a major benefit of Auron is that it’s always clean. Auron cleans itself and whatever you put in it with UV light (the same light that comes from the sun). In just 60 seconds, Auron sterilizes your water, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites, and more. It can also eliminate non-biological contaminants like chlorine, which are common in drinking water.

Auron also has an auto-clean function. It sanitizes itself every four hours with this mode active, so you don’t have to remember to purify your beverage if you’re taking it to work or hiking or something.

Knowing what my kids put their fingers and mouths on, I feel a lot better with them drinking out of Auron. After they’re through with it, I can sterilize it again and take it to work the next day without wondering if I’m drinking germs from the entire 3rd-grade class.

When you drink just-purified water from Auron, you’re getting the cleanest water possible. It may even be the cleanest water you’ve ever drunk. When you drink totally pure water, you can taste the difference. There’s no bitter after taste, chalkiness, or fluoride flavor that kids’ sensitive taste buds can detect (and turn them off of water).

My kids can confirm: water from Auron tastes better. It makes it easier to get them to drink up, and it’s safer, too.

Safe for kids and families

Auron contains LED lights and electronic parts as well as a UV light bulb. Is it really safe for kids?

Auron is totally safe. Because of Auron’s hourglass design and stainless steel casing, the electronics in the lid cannot enter the bottle or become exposed. Everything is totally waterproof and dishwasher safe.

UV light is dangerous if it shines in your eyes or on your skin for too long (this is what gives you a sunburn outdoors!), but Auron’s UV light is impossible to turn on if the lid isn’t shut and vacuum-sealed.

Auron is much safer than a normal water bottle. Studies have found that other bottles can develop a bacteria biofilm on the interior wall that is very difficult to clean without intense scrubbing. And how often do you scrub a reusable water bottle? I’ll admit, I hardly ever do.

These bacteria can cause illness, and they also cause those musty bottle odors that make your water taste weird. Auron is immune to all that, even if you don’t wash it regularly. 

take fresh drinking water with you in an Auron

Take it anywhere for fresh water and fun

Auron is the “magic” bottle that turns any water into fun and tasty water—even water you wouldn’t normally drink. This includes water from public fountains, tap water in foreign countries, and water from rivers, lakes, and streams.

This makes Auron really convenient to bring camping or traveling. You’ll never be without pure water no matter where you are. Now, when you’re out of water at the park and your kids are thirsty, you won’t have to think twice about filling up at the less-than-clean public bathroom sink. Auron will kill 99.99% of whatever gets inside.

Auron’s ability to clean any kind of water also makes it fun for kids. If they get sick of drinking water, tell them they can drink water from the hose or from a pond—as long as they put it into Auron first. There are plenty of ways to make water more fun!

Built to last a lifetime

We’ve gone through about a dozen reusable water bottles over the past year. If my kids don’t destroy them, the dog picks up the slack. But Auron is proving to be pretty much indestructible, no matter how hard the gang tries to destroy it.

Auron’s 304 stainless steel walls and ergonomic hourglass shape make the bottle damage-proof in almost every way. It’s resistant to dents, breaks, cracks, corrosion, and rust. It’s also weather-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof, so you can take it anywhere.

The coolest thing is that its purifying power lasts for life. Auron has NO replaceable parts, filters, cartridges, or packets. Its UV light is made to last for 300,000 purification cycles. If you purify every 4 hours from the moment your bottle arrives, it will last about 137 years.

The battery is also long-lasting and convenient. Auron charges with a USB-C cable (the same cable you use to charge your phone), and it only needs to be charged once every 2 months even if you use it a lot like we do.

Get the New Auron Bottle for 60% Off

If you’re racking your brain on how to get kids to drink water, you’ve got to try Auron Bottle. Has it made life perfect? Not by a long shot. But it makes my kids want to drink more water. We argue less, and I know my kids are healthier. With Auron, I sleep about 5% better at night, and as a busy mom, that’s pretty darn good.

Auron is good for a lot more than water, too. I put my coffee in it when I go to work and it keeps it hot all day. Auron is a vacuum-sealed flask and an excellent insulator.

If you want to try Auron out in your home, you can pick one up for a great price. The new Auron bottle is in the pre-order phase now, and you can grab one for 60% off the retail price. That’s an ever-lasting, self-cleaning bottle for the price of a normal reusable bottle.

Auron will only be accepting pre-orders for a few more weeks, so don’t wait to get yours!

Learn more and get your Auron Bottle today at Why don’t you check out the KiddyCharts water tracker too, if you are looking to increase your family’s daily water intake, it might just help!

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