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Baseball puppy coloring page #31daysofactivities

For our 31 days of activities offering today, we have Mary popping over to see us from Party + Bright, a resource for DIY party and holiday ideas. She has provided us with a delightful baseball puppy coloring page!

Baseball puppy coloring page

Springtime means longer afternoons spent playing outdoors, and the return of warm weather fun like baseball and family walks. We’ve wrapped all that into this fun Spring Coloring Page, featuring a cute puppy who is ready to take the field!

Baseball puppy coloring pages for kids

This coloring page is free to print and enjoy, and can be used for a quick coloring break from exploring the great outdoors, or incorporated into other springtime fun. 

Spring Baseball Puppy Coloring Page

We always keep a stack of coloring pages on hand for a quick distraction or unplanned activity. But sheets like this are definitely not just confined to coloring with crayons or colored pencils sitting at a table.

Here are some fun ways to use this coloring sheet while providing additional opportunities for connection, exploration and entertainment for your little ones.

  1. Print off and hang from a clothesline or tape to a fence. Then, using food coloring mixed with water, spray the coloring sheet with water for a cool activity.
  2. Have your child color in the puppy and make up a story about it. Where is he from? What does he like best about playing baseball? What happens when he tries to play with kids? Use this time to build vocabulary and encourage creativity and storytelling.
  3. Print page on cardstock, color then cut out the puppy. Glue or tape onto a popsicle stick, and use for a puppet show,
  4. Take turns picking a color for each other and color in one part of the coloring page each. Work together to create a fun and unique masterpiece!
  5. Include this adorable little pup into an activity bag or goody bag at a birthday party. It would go perfect with both a puppy dog theme or a baseball themed party!

There are endless ways you can use coloring pages for more than just art. 

Getting creative with paper is one of easiest ways to encourage creative play and thinking outside of the box, which is a skill we all want our kids to learn how to do! 

Click the circular image below to download the file and print on a standard printer using regular printer paper. 

Kids baseball puppy coloring page

Or try printing on lightweight cardstock for a sturdier page—this is an especially good idea if you want to paint on it or try out the colored water gun idea. 

Keep in mind that this coloring page was designed as a standard US letter size (8.5” x 11”). You can resize it to print differently, just keep in mind it may not print the same way.

Whether is is sunny outside already, or you are waiting for the warm weather to arrive, this fun baseball puppy page brings the best of spring out in one easy to color sheet.

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Thanks so much for coming to see us, and do come back soon!


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Mary Ware is a mom of 2 from Cape Cod (US), and is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Party + Bright, where they believe that everyone deserves to have memorable celebrations that small spaces, budgets, or lack of ideas shouldn’t hold them back from celebrating the people & the moments that make life wonderful. At Party + Bright, you will find fun & festive DIY holiday & easy party ideas to create joy all year long.

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