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Sloth coloring and activity sheets: Declare today to be Sloth Day! #31daysofactivities

In our 31 days of activities event, we now have Mommy Snippets sharing an article with us all including some rather amazing sloth coloring and activity sheets. She is declaring that today, or whenever you use these sheets, will be Sloth Day!

Sloth coloring

Sloth Day is in no way associated with the International Day of the Sloth! Sloth Day is just a day declared when everyone in the house decides it’s a day to take things slow:

  • A day to just enjoy the slow pace of life.
  • A day to enjoy one another’s company.
  • A day to appreciate life. 

Who would not love a Sloth Day, right?

To celebrate Sloth Day, here’s a free printable you can download – a sweet 5 page coloring and activity sheet pack. 

Sloth coloring and activity sheets:

Everyone knows how relaxing it is to color. 

Grab a few crayons, or color pencils, and color in this sweet sloth.

The quote serves as a reminder, not just to our little ones, but to us too.

Enjoy the moment: The crazy days. The hard days. The lets-just-relax days. 

That is exactly why every family needs to celebrate an impromptu Sloth Day!

Sloth coloring activity sheets:

While celebrating Sloth Day, it’s not wrong to sneak in a little learning with fun, right?

See how many sloths your child can count, in the I Spy Sloth Counting Sheet.

Sloth coloring Declare today to be Sloth Day!

We cannot really celebrate a Sloth Day without learning more about these sweet mammals, can we?

The 5 facts in the Unscramble Sheet will help your child learn just a little bit more about sloths.

Sloth coloring sheets

If this intrigues your child, pull up some educational videos on YouTube, to learn more. 

Play a few sloth themed games

Now this is where your creativity will come into play. 

Think of a few games your child loves playing and add a sloth twist to it.


The rules stay the same, except, the person who must act out the word, within the given time limit, needs to do so slooooowly. 

Freeze tag 

The difference would be to freeze in a sloth position- either on ones back or holding onto an imaginary tree branch.

Sloth coloring and activity Sloth Day!

Pin the flower in the sloth’s hands.

This game is played exactly how you would play Pin the Tail on The Donkey.

The last two sheets in the Free Printable Sloth Coloring and Activity Sheets Pack are to be used for this game. This includes instructions on how this game is played, if you are not familiar with Pin the Tail on The Donkey, and the beautiful sloth print, and flowers, to be used in the game.


Munch on sloth treats

We all know sloths love to eat bugs, and leaves. 

Your little sloths will be tickled to be served edible bug themed snacks.

Here are a few examples:

  • Ladybugs: Strawberries sliced in half, vertically. Remove the leaves and serve in a bowl.
  • Caterpillars: Green and purple grape kebabs! Slide a few grapes onto a plastic kebab skewer and serve.
  • Grubs: Carrot sticks 
  • Leaves: A salad bowl, complete with lettuce, spinach, kale and other greens. (Serve this with ranch and pretend it’s just a little sap that tricked off the tree!)

Do not be surprised if your children decide Sloth Day should become a regular “holiday” in your house!

Armed with a little creativity, you can expand this to become one of those deposits in your child’s memory bank, that they will want to pass on to their children!

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