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Food for thought: 5 tips to become a Savvy Shopper

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Energy is not in short supply in our house…

I often watch my son, and wonder whether if I plugged him into the National Grid his bouncing would actually power Essex. It might, at least, keep all those curling tongs and nail driers going… *appalling stereotype alert – run and hides*

However, his energy isn’t the only energy wasted in our house it would appear. We do try to be careful both when we are using our appliances, and managing our food shops. However, it appears that we are probably one of many households in the UK that really are not shopping savvy enough, or even tapping into the potential in our own house. Believe it or not there are THREE ways which you can make money from your own energy usage….

According to this excellent infographic families are wasting money every year by not managing the energy in their houses effectively, and not being savvy shoppers when it come to food.

For example, We waste £480 a year on the food we buy but then throw away…

So are you a savvy shopper? This certainly gives us all some food for thought..


Do you have any other shop savvy tips? Would love to hear from you. And any tips of stopping my son bouncing ALL the time much appreciated too :-)

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