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Five baby shower gifts you haven’t thought of | Ad

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, and at the same time, daunting things we can do. We love to celebrate it, but it can also be a wee bit scary. Baby shower gifts are something that we want people to spend a little time thinking about, rather than getting the usual pink, blue or gender neutral baby grow. To help with those baby shower gift ideas, we have put together some thoughts for you to “hint” with if you need to give your friends ideas! Alternatively, if you are looking for baby shower gift ideas for someone you love – we do help that these will inspire you to get the perfect gift.

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We have tried to group gift ideas together for you, so that you can pick and choose. Maybe even create a bespoke bundle for the mum to be….

1. Capturing special memories….

Having a baby IS a milestone to remember for most people, so a baby shower gift that helps to preserve those kinds of memories could be so very special. Jewellery, such as a charm bracelet, can mark specific moments in someone’s life. Marriage, or having a child, are just the kind of events that can remembered with a single charm alongside the gift of a bracelet. A great example of a suitable charm as a baby shower gift might be the gorgeous baby booties from Carus Jewellery. Other ideas could include blue or pink hearts, or even a charm with the baby’s expected birthstone.

Jewellery isn’t the only option for capturing those special memories though, there are baby books, and pregnancy diaries which may be suitable for capturing the baby’s first year, or the pregnancy in a little more detail. Another good idea is a special frame for the scan photos too.

2. Something for mum in hospital

It is easy to be taken up by the whirlwind that is baby buying – from baby grows to booties, from nappy bags to changing tables. Baby shower gifts can often be focused on baby, and not actually what the mum really needs. So think a little outside the box by asking yourself about what mum and dad might need in the hospital, and put together a little package for them to give to mum at the baby shower, perhaps including:

  • A practical, but nice nightie (!),
  • Big pants (even more !!),
  • Some nice energy giving snacks, perhaps chocolate, or even some proper energy bars,
  • Painkillers, sadly mum will likely need these,
  • Make up treats, like pocket mirror, lip balm, concealer (!), and even a nice new lipstick,
  • Spare charger for their phone, and perhaps a good book though getting to read this might just be wishful thinking,
  • Hair ties to keep the hair up and out the way,
  • Deodorant
  • Baby wipes, and
  • Some chewing gum or some nice sugary sweets like mints, depending on the likes of the particular mum concerned!

Get creative with your list, and think hard what your partner / friend would want.

3. Baby shower gifts aren’t all about baby: Make it about mum’s me time

We have considered ideas for remembering the pregnancy and birth, surviving hospital, but what about helping mum after the birth to relax into her new role as a mum?

One of the most stressful things about being a new mum is the “newness” and the incessant needs of a newborn. We love them, but they need us so much. It is easy to lose ourselves in those first heady weeks with a newborn.

Why not bear this in mind when looking at baby shower gifts? Think about what YOU can do to help, and offer some gifts that assist here:

  • Cooking a meal for mum for a week, or regularly in that first month, vouchers for takeaways, or businesses that deliver home cooked food to the door,
  • Offer to take the baby while mum sleeps,
  • Goodies for a nice, long bath, including lavender oils which can aid recovery,
  • Some DvDs and books that mum can watch,
  • Books on self-care to help mum to get used to the idea that caring for herself is just as important as caring for baby,
  • Offer of babysitting when mum feels comfortable leaving baby, and
  • Whatever mums loves to drink to relax, buy some! From wine, to herbal teas, anything that give us five minutes to ourselves after birth is a GODSEND.

You know your friends better than we do – so what would work for them for their me time?

4. You can be practical too

It is impossible not to think about all the paraphernalia that a baby needs when born, and worrying about the money that you might have to spend to budget for baby. Gifts at baby showers can help ease the pain a little, and provide some of the practical items that are needed. So don’t be afraid to be a little bit practical alongside the other ideas you might have. Some lower value, but really useful ideas include:

  • Thermometer, either an eye or a non-touch one: new mums worry about babies being ill, so being able to take temperatures can help with this,
  • Night lights: these are a lovely thought and can add some really nice ambience to a nursery,
  • Baby milestone cards, you can buy some of these, and we also have some free baby milestone cards on the site too,
  • Baby wrap for carrying the little one around handsfree: this can be so useful if baby is a little bit clingy to mum,
  • Teething goodies, anything from a simple teething toy for the buggy, to some trainer tooth brushes. All babies teeth, so you KNOW these are going to help

5. Don’t forget baby grows

We know what you are thinking; baby grows are not a very original baby shower gift idea. However, we don’t mean that. Why not think a head a little bit, and get some baby clothes, not for a newborn, but for later on. Perhaps some 6-9 months clothes, or some toys for older babies or toddlers?

We hope that some of these ideas are useful for you if you are looking for baby shower gifts, or maybe even if you are having one. GO tell your friends what to get you! 🤣

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Good luck with everything.


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