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Moshis Series 8 countdown day 2: Stand up Blossom

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Its Day two of the Moshis series 8 countdown on the KiddyCharts blog, so we have another delightful Moshling to share with you today…this time its Blossom, the blooming wonder…

Moshis Series 8: Blossom

She is a very sweet little lady, a vase with a few rather special flowers growing out of the top of her head, pick them and be amazed at how fast they grow back – they seem to have some rather special powers.. If you have a dead house plant, never fear, if a blooming wonder if near, it’ll bring it back to life before you can shake your fertiliser can at it.

Personality: They are very cheery creatures, ever the optimist, very humble and always willing to welcome you into their lives.

Like: Slug pellets and sunshine

Dislikes: Dirty water and thieving bees *poor bees*

She’s a little cutey, Blossom, and here we have chatterbox introducing her to the Moshis fold…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Blossom

We gave you the lovely Marty yesterday – I hope you checked him out, if not what are you waiting for? If you would like to be kept up to date with what’s happening with our countdown, then do follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the blog as well. That way you won’t miss a post when they go live.

What do you think of Blossom the Moshis – do you like her too?


Thursday 19th of November 2015

She is really very pretty.nice video.

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