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Moshi Monsters Series 8 countdown: Introducing Marty

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We have been chosen to countdown to the release of the Series 8 Moshi Monsters on this little old blog; one a day until the 18th October when you can run out and buy them on Amazon, and any other good retailer out there!

First up we have Marty, the Mouthy Mogul.

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Marty

This little fella is ultra rare, and loves nothing better than shouting “CUT” at the top of his voice, hence the mega-phone. They are mahoosive fans of the movies, and think they are living their lives in one – so don’t act wooden near them because it really gets up their noses *if they had one*

Personality: He is bit of an actor loveee type, so very melodramatic, an a bit of a brash visionary.

Likes: Yelling “Cut” and screaming at Flat-Tailed Fuzzles

Dislikes: All-seeing moment munchers and ham.

We think Marty is a bit of a cool cat, and a great way to start off the Series eight countdown on KiddyCharts. Why not sign up to the blog so you get news of all of them in our weekly newsletter – or follow us on Twitter for the daily reports on the Moshi Monsters as they are introduced.

My daughter is helping out daily with her little video of what she likes best…so here you are – here is Marty Moshi Monsters don Chatterbox style….

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Marty

What do you think of the first series 8 moshi monster – do you like him?


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