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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #11: Get tweeting for….Chirpy

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Moshi Monsters Series 9: Chirpy

After the selfish shellfish, Shimmy, from our countdown yesterday, day 11 brings up a rather cheeky little Chaffinch, Chirpy. Officially, a Chipper Chaffinch! Personally, I think he is a wee bit like the Twitter bluebird, but that is probably because I spend far too long on there being chirpy myself. Come and join me on Twitter if you want!


These guys are easily mistaken for a woodpecker because they are always bashing away at the trees in Moshi Land; they love tapping away to each other sending rather lovely little messages to one and all. They are uber-cute little creatures and so usually they say Peckity… Peck… Thud.’ According to my extensive Chirpy dictionary, this means ‘I love you too.’ My, aren’t they just TOO cute!


Optimistic, jaunty, cute.


Obviously, they are happiest when knocking on wood, and taking their annual holiday when they fly south


If they are worried about anything it is being sucked into jet engines. Oh, and because they are slightly strange fellas, they also have 11 secret herbs and spices which aren’t top of their shopping list as well.

Rank – Rarity

163 – Rare

I am now intrigued as to what day 12 will bring, Chirpy almost went all social media on us; what are we going to have for our next moshling. Perhaps tomorrow will bring a Facebook obsessed teenager? Who knows? Subscribe to the blog and you won’t miss out!


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