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Moshi monsters Series 8 countdown day 4: Smiling for Grinny

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Welcome to the weekend, and to Day 4 of our Moshi Monsters Series 8 countdown. Today we have the delightful, but suspiciously similar to the Cheshire Cat in Alice, Grinny…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Grinny

He’s a bit of a sly old devil, Grinny, rather as you would expect for a Moshi moshling that is based on a cat…he can be a little bit devious, and is even thought to have special powers so he can sweet-talk you into doing pretty much anything even if you don’t want to. Could come in handy before a presentation if you are anything like me…

Unfortunately, he seems to use his powers to get more than his fair share of Moshi chocolate milk

Personality: Well, I have already said it, he’s devilishly persuasive, smarmy and a wee bit beguiling – and anything else that you can fin in the thesaurus next to “persuasive.”

Like: Sipping milk through bendy straws an second-hand car showrooms, where we can be made to do something that we don’t want *parting with cash*

Dislikes: Undercover YapYaps and balls of wool.

He has a rather big smile to distract us all, doesn’t he – what does Chatterbox think?

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Grinny

She is loving that smile too :-D What do you think of him? Does he make you smile at all?

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