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Bonnie, whip-cracking away in Moshi Monsters Series 11 #16

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moshi monsters series 11: Bonnie

They are back! After a few months off, and having given your Moshi series 8, series 9 and series 10, we have the honour of unveiling series 11 as well to you over the next 16 days culminating in another wonderful giveaway where you get a chance to win every single one of the little critters!

For our first Moshi Monster=, we have the lovely Bonnie, who is a sassy lassie. She can be found within Moshi land giving everyone a headache with her yee-hahing up and down the byways of the moshling-infested land. The lovely lassies, can be found trying to capture critters with their lassoes on Skedaddle Prairie, or grabbing themselves a glass of something within the doors of the Sloppy Saloon.

Without even seeing the moshis, Bonnie seems to have captured my daughter’s heart, and as a result, is now her firm favourite in series 11!

Personality: Feisty, fierce, but fair

Habitat: Wherever else but on pokeback mountain (get it?)

Likes: making a noise with those baked beans, and rushing about on wagon trails

Dislikes: Sheriffs that don’t stick to “the law” and saddles that are over-ly pretentious coz they are designer ones…didn’t know you even got those in Moshi land :-D

We will be back with another moshi release tomorrow, so don’t forget to check back again.

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