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Benedict, getting all egg-cited for day #11

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Moshi Monsters Series 11: Benedict

Sticking with the food theme started by Fusty the mushroom on day 12, we now have the very egg-citing Benedict, the broken bobble.

This poor little guy is always cracking up, and to try and stop him from falling apart, he even has a delightful little ribbon wrapped around his head to hold it all together. However, due to a rather basic flaw, his arms are a little bit too short, that means he can’t actually tie the bow up himself. Unfortunately, he is therefore forever asking people to tie it up for him, annoying many a passer-by within Monstro City as a result. On account of their tendency to full apart, Benedict always seems to be a little bit panicked about something, usually what is going to be cracking them up next….

Personality: Panicky, disorganised, frazzled

Likes: They are eggs, so they like to roll as much a they can, usually down hills. That box also means they are partial to a little bit of gift-wrapping too

Dislikes: Anything that can do them damage, so don’t come at them with a teaspoon or let a Potty Pipsqueak near them.

We seem to have hit some foody moshlings, will we be in for another feast tomorrow, do check back and take a look for day 10.

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