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Kids mental health: Help your kids understand anxiety and beyond

Thanks so much for signing up to our 8 week kids mental health series from the wonderful author, Leanne Brown, who is helping kids to understand anxiety and their feelings through her Dream. Believe. Read. initiative.

We are really pleased to have you. Feel free to explore Leanne’ site, Dream Believe Read and take a look at her Daniel’s Dreams books, as well as the resources that go with it, a little more. You can also take a look at all the articles and ideas that we have on KiddyCharts to help kids with Mindfulness and Anxiety.

Mindful coloring is a wonderful way to be “in the moment” and our coloring book allows you to be with your child / classroom too while they color? We do have copies on Amazon if you want them, or you can buy directly from us?

It is so important to help kids to understand the feelings that they have, and how they can recognise, name, and deal with them from an early age.

Let’s help to build a new generation of children that was more focused on developing positive mental health to help them deal with life’s pressures more easily. Younger children in particular, but even adults, can find it hard to express how they are feeling, and explain or name the different emotions that they have. A key aspect to have positive mental health is being able to talk about and understand how we feel. This goes a long way to helping to improve kid’s mental health.

Sometimes, if we can name it, we feel it has a lot less “control” over us, and we can begin to understand how it makes us react.

Feel free to drop us a line with thoughts on the series, or any comments generally about the site, we always love to hear from our visitors.

Take care,

Helen and Leanne

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