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Dinosaur activities: Edible DIY dinosaur dig to try with your toddler! #31daysofactivities

If you’ve got a toddler who’s dinosaur mad, then the next 31 days of activities idea is perfect for you. We love dinosaur activities, and this one is from Mums Creative Cupboard. She has other dinosaur ideas for you to check out at Mum’s Creative Cupboard including a Dinosaur Swamp and some Dino Footprint Play Activities. As toddlers do love to puts anything and everything in their mouths (we’ve all been there!), then why not try this edible DIY Dinosaur dig activities at home without worrying about what new thing they’re going to try eating today!

Dinosaur activities

These edible dinosaur dig activities are super quick to put together which is always a win, and they’re also a bit yummy should your little one decide to eat their way through the dig!

How to make a yummy jelly dinosaur dig

We KNOW you are going to love the sound of this – so here is what you need to get this started for your toddler…


For the Jelly Dinosaur Dig, all you will need is:

  • Packets of jelly (how many depends on the scale of your dig – I used two packets to fill this small A5 size tray)
  • Plastic dinosaur figures or fossils (it is best to use smaller dinosaurs – I found these in the party bag section of a shop)
  • Tray or container (I chose to use a see through tray drawer as I wanted to be able to see under the ‘soil’ layer)
  • Chocolate biscuits (Any variety of biscuit / cookie works to make the topping)


Once you have everything you need, this is an activity best made the night before – or just make and keep in the fridge until required.

Make up the jelly, and pour into the container of your choice.

Add the Dinosaur figures and pop in the fridge once cool.

Once set, crush your chocolate biscuits (you can do this in a blender or simply pop them in a sealable bag and crush with a rolling pin).

 DIY dinosaur dig to try with your toddler!

Sprinkle over the jelly to create a ‘soil’ layer and you are ready to play!

Dinosaur dig to try with your toddler!

Alternatively, If you need an activity that can be made in an instant (which is very likely with a toddler!), then you may prefer this second edible dinosaur dig – I warn you though, this one is a bit messier!

How To make a custard dino dig

This edible DIY Dinosaur Dig Activity is mostly the same as the previous one, except you don’t need to prepare it the night before!

Dinosaur dig to try

Simply swap the jelly for custard in your container (chocolate custard works really well for this!) And immerse your little dinosaur figures or fossils and sprinkle with either the biscuit as before, or use an alternative such as crushed cereal, chocolate sprinkles or grated chocolate.

This one would make a great desert treat if done on a mini scale and use white chocolate as bones so that the entire dinosaur dig was edible!

You could also have a go at cleaning the dinosaurs off by transferring them to a tub of water.

I hope you have lots of digging away through this fun activity!

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