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How to decorate a children’s bedroom in a rented property

There are a huge number of people and families renting in the UK. I actually heard on the news this week that the cost of renting is now cheaper than owning a home. For many, the property ladder is simply out of reach. While many people do dream of homeownership, there is absolutely nothing wrong with renting – despite what society might tell you.

And although renting comes with its limitations – particularly in terms of decorating – that shouldn’t stop you from making your rented property a home. But what do you do when your child turns around to you and pleads for a bedroom with bright yellow walls, and you know there’s no way your landlord will agree to it?

Here are some handy hacks for designing a bright, vibrant, and gorgeous children’s bedroom – without upsetting your landlord.

How to decorate a children’s bedroom in a rented property

Wall stickers

You may not be able to paint the walls (although it’s always worth asking your landlord, just in case) but you can get your hands on non-invasive stickers to go on walls to create a funky mural. There are a huge number of options out there these days, particularly online on websites such as Etsy.

You can get different coloured polka dots or stars to create a pattern, giving the effect of wallpaper. Or you can get a huge sticker of your child’s favourite character or animal. There is something out there for everyone and wall stickers are the perfect way to go crazy and unleash some fun into a room. The best thing is that they are completely removable and won’t leave marks.

Modular storage

For families especially, storage is a huge aspect of any home. Children’s bedrooms can quickly become cluttered with toys and books, so modular storage is a must. Modular storage can be moved around to fit almost any space, and you can take it all away to the next property with you without a trace as there’s no need to nail anything to the wall.

With that in mind, be careful of overfilling any shelving or compartments. The last thing you want is for it to fall down and hurt your children.

Paint furniture

If you can’t paint the walls, why not paint the furniture? Upcycling is huge these days, and there is an enormous amount of furniture paint out there in the market. A children’s bedroom should be colourful and cheerful, so if you are struggling to bring that in, grab their chest of drawers, wardrobe or bed frame and paint it their favourite colour.

For items such as drawers, cupboards and wardrobes, you can also swap out any standard handles and knobs to something a bit more whimsical. Again, Etsy will have a huge selection of fun and unique options for you to choose from.

 Command hooks and washi tape

It’s crazy how different a room can feel with some pictures on the walls. Unfortunately, this is often against the rules in rental properties as nails and hooks can leave behind a bit of damage. Most landlords will compare landlord insurance to ensure they have the best cover for tenant damage, but it’s never a good idea to go behind their back and create damage in the property for the sake of some prints.

What you could do, however, is use command hooks to secure things to the wall. They are designed to not leave behind any damage. You could even use washi tape for more lightweight things like bunting and posters. Just be mindful when using command hooks that you don’t put anything on them that exceeds their weight.

Invest in a rug

Rugs bring so much to any part of a home, but particularly in a space where you want to inject some fun and personality. Floors can be large expanses of the same colour and texture. Adding something in to break that up will do wonders for the feel of the room.

Again, it allows you to bring part of your and your children’s style to a room – whether they love rainbows, the colour blue or safari animals, there is bound to be a rug out there that encompasses that.

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How to decorate a children’s bedroom

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