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The family doctor: helping you and your child feel comfortable on a visit

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family doctor


Taking your child to visit the family doctor is an inevitable part of their growing; from those very first injections at 2 months old to illnesses in the teenage years I talk to Beckie from Be Confident Coaching on how to feel comfortable at those visits.

Some of the topics we cover in our hangout are:

  • Taking your babies for an injection,
  • When your child goes to hospital,
  • Your child’s changing body as they get older and how to lessen their embarrassment,
  • How to encourage your child to feel comfortable with going to the dentist.
Going to the Doctors: Helping you and your child feel comfortable


How do you cope with taking your child to the family doctor or dentist?  Is it a traumatic experience or do you just take it in your stride? As usual, please do leave your comments for us in the box below.


Image Source: freedigitalphotos / David Castillo Dominici

Audrey Blakeney

Monday 24th of August 2015

As you asked above, yes, taking my child to the dentist is a traumatic experience. I try to calm him down, but the fear of having a needle in his mouth for cavities frightens him. Since this procedure is necessary to avoid more pain, I'm not sure how to help him. Do you have any advice for helping me son handle needles and shots at the dentists?

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