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One Born Every Minute Expecting a Baby: New book released and we’re in the video! *Faints*

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Expecting a Baby

Don’t get broody now?!!?

We were lucky enough to be able to be involved in the One Born Every Minute promotional video for their new book which is aimed at all the expectant mothers out there. (Note: this article contains affilate links)

Being pregnant leads to more questions than answers, and the book from One Born Every Minute, Expecting a Baby, is there to help soon to be new mums answer some of those questions.

I chatted to the author of the book, Dr Penelope Law, about experiences in pregnancy including:

  • Problems encountered in the first trimester, and how to manage sickness
  • Experiences of birth plans, and how to manage your feelings about the plan
  • Considering home delivery; my experiences and other experiences of home birth
  • What is included within the book.

Pregnancy is a very different experience for each and every mum, but information on what to expect can make mums feel more in control both during delivery an when they have that tiny bundle in their arms. Anything that can help to alleviate mum’s concerns, and give them just that little bit more control has to be a good thing.

Whatever your experiences so far with pregnancy books, it is worth taking a look at this as it is laid pout in a clean, straight forward way, and offers sensible scientifically based advice to get you through the remainder of your nine months, and into the first few weeks as well.

And I promise you, you won’t cry quite so much on reading this book as you probably do on One Born Every Minute on TV!


You can buy the book on Amazon if you fancy it too!

This post contains affiliate links

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