Win Thirsty Plant Deluxe Gift Box from Tech will Save Us and get your kids into science! #KiddychartsSummer

We are into Day 7 of our summer countdown, and its the weekend – so what better day to share a wonderful activity kit for the kids, that really gets their brain cells working from Tech Will Save Us.

We have a wonderful giveaway today Рa Thirsty Plan Deluxe Gift Box for you and your children. This is a wonderful little invention where you can make your own moisture sensor that lets you know when your plant needs to be watered. You can then plant the seeds in the pot you decorated.

This gift box includes all you need to customise your pot and start growing your own plant:

  • DIY Thirsty Plant Kit,
  • Pot,
  • Seeds,
  • Paint, and
  • Brushes.

Such a lovely little gift for someone special and a great activity for the summer as well.


As with all our giveaways, it is SUPER easy to enter, just fill out the details in the widget below, and do share as well – you will get extra chances to win if you do and a friend enters the giveaway

Day 7 – Thirsty Plan deluxe gift box from Tech Will Save Us

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Enjoy your summer and good luck.

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