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Summer at KiddyCharts is lots of fun! We have a great list and variety of summer giveaways that your kids and your entire family will love. Do you want to win some great goodies and great prizes? Take a look at some of our past giveaways and the past prizes that we have for you on the site.

In the past we have given some great bits away. Take a look at what we have given away before;

If you want to win some fantastic prizes from some great brands, we have a lot of great collaborations. So do take a look and have some fun!

We want to give you these opportunities because we know how exciting summer can be and how much the kids look forward to it. That’s why we collaborate with so many fun and exciting brands, so do take a look at what we have for you and what we will have for you in the future.

Our giveaways are fair, and fun! We try our best to make it easy for you to enter to win so all you have to do is look through each post you want to enter and follow the instructions for our summer giveaways, it’s that simple!