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Ad | 5 reasons why the Christmas toy ideas in The Good Toy Guide will work for you AND win £500 of Toys #GoodToys

KiddyCharts loves great Christmas toy ideas, great giveaways, alongside great free printables. And the Good Toy Guide has just released its Christmas Good Toy Guide which provides all three!

Christmas Good Toy Guide

If you are struggling to know what toys are going to keep your little ones entertained this Christmas and need some inspirational Christmas toy ideas, then it’d be a great idea to check this out because:

  • Win £500 of toys: You can win £500 of goodies in the giveaway included within the guide (more info below),
  • Free Santa letter and other resources: You’ve got a free pullout Santa letter so that your kids can write exactly what they would like from the guide, and send it to Santa; more great hints for you. The guide also includes ideas for play, and help for keeping Christmas calmer. Over-excitement can be the bane of every parent in the run up to Christmas and on the day itself,
  • Toy suggestions by age: You have guidance on the age range for the toys within the guide (50 toys covered), so that for once you aren’t scrabbling around trying to work out if the toy is going to be suitable for your particular little darling,
  • Checked and reviewed by REAL kids: The toys have been rated by kids; from babies to tweens in fact. They aren’t played with once either, they are tested on four separate occasions. So it is not just parents, and play leaders, but children that have tried these toys out. This means you really do know the play value instantly, and
  • Expert opinion: Obviously the kids are experts as well, but in case you also need a bona fide expert that understands play on a much more intellectual level, then Amanda Gummer is your lady, and the producers of the guide; Fundamentally Children, your organisation.

    Amanda is on LinkedIn and everything; most importantly though, she is a psychologist with experience of child development and a passion for helping kids to play and learn together. We have met Amanda, and she really does care about how children play. Fundamentally Children was set up with that in mind, and this guide reflects her passions for inspiring play.
5 reasons why they the Christmas toy ideas in the Good Toy Guide will work for you.

What do we think of the Christmas Good Toy Guide

This guide is available both online and in hard copy format.

5 reasons why they the Christmas toy ideas in the Good Toy Guide will work for you.

As it has been split into age sections, is easy to understand, and focuses on the needs of your children.

There is a section on balanced play, as well as the four principles of gift giving to help you have a positive approach to gift giving, so you don’t over-indulge your kids. It isn’t just about toys, it is about making Christmas work for the whole family.

There is a nice spread of toys within the guide too, from board games, to construction toys, as well as jigsaws and puzzles. Really good Christmas toy ideas.

For example, we can totally recommend Dobble – we have this game and our kids LOVE it. We have the beach version too, and the company that makes Dobble brought out a Harry Potter one for Christmas too.

We were particularly interested in the alternative ideas for kids toys on the site; which offers some thoughts on how to give more unusual items. These are great ideas for helping to make Christmas a little more sustainable, and not just about the “stuff.”

Something we can all applaud.

5 reasons why they the Christmas toy ideas in the Good Toy Guide will work for you.

So if you are struggling with ideas – why not pop over and take a look now?

How to win £500 toys with The Good Toy Guide

This bit is easy! Just pop over to the giveaway section within the Christmas Good Toy Guide and fill out the Gleam widget that is located within the article.

The giveaway closes on Sunday 1st December at 12am – so HURRY UP – you can win all these amazing prizes as well:

My First ScalextricCorgi

  • ChunkiesAirfix,
  • QuickbuildMagicube,
  • River AnimalsConfetti,
  • 88pcsMechanics Gravity Race Track,
  • Dobble,
  • Ticket to Ride London,
  • Rory’s Story Cubes,
  • Toniebox,
  • Coding Critters (1x Ranger & Zip, 1 Rumble & Bumble),
  • Playfoam Pluffle (9 Pack)Space Explorer PillowcaseSweet Dreams Puzzle,
  • Camp Gibsons Puzzle,
  • Superhero City Puzzle,
  • Jig-Map Puzzle,
  • Harry Potter Sorting Hat, and the
  • Harry Potter Infinity Advent Calendar!

That is A LOT of toys.

There are a few entry methods, but you should be familiar with doing this – you are a KiddyCharts reader after all 😂

If you are looking for more great giveaways – do look out for our giveaways as well.

We’d love to have you back on the site, so check out our newsletter so you don’t miss our printables and articles – this comes out weekly.

Cheers for stopping by.

5 reasons why they the Christmas toy ideas in the Good Toy Guide will work for you.

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Gerri Tennant

Monday 2nd of December 2019

The booklet shows a great range of products with good descriptions which helps me to choose the right products for each age group.


Sunday 1st of December 2019

great giveaway!!!

Kelly baguley

Sunday 1st of December 2019

Good luck everyone. Got everything crossed for this one. Xx


Saturday 30th of November 2019

Fabulous bundle, good luck everyone

Emma Meacham

Saturday 30th of November 2019

These prizes would be amazing, I have one disabled child and one mainstream child so this could bring them together a bit more during play!

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