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Anna Wright colouring sheets

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Anna Wright is a gorgeous illustrator, and has some simply stunning work on her website. We are so excited today to be able to share some of her work with you as Anna Wright colouring sheets for the kids; taking some of the designs from her kids collection and letting you have a play with them before hopefully popping along to her site to buy some of them! And we didn’t get paid to say that – we just love what she does, and wanted to share some of it with you all.

Anna Wright is a gorgeous UK illustrator, and we have some colouring sheets from her, so you can give them as a gift. Pop along and check them out!

Anna Wright colouring sheets

We have a few designs to share with you today, of some of the lovely animals that she has created in her illustrations:

  1. Birds,
  2. Butterflies, and
  3. Turtles.

Wy not get your children to decorate them, and pop them on your desk for a little splash of colour while you are working?

Or if that doesn’t work for you; how about just colouring one in and passing on to a family friend as a really lovely, personalised gift?

Who is Anna Wright?

Anna was actually brought up in Dumfriesshire, southwest Scotland. The rural location she was raised is the inspiration for many of her illustrations, and she carried her love of nature beautifully into her designs.

She went to the Edinburgh College of Art, and her style is to paint or colour using mixed materials, such as ink, feathers, and fabric. She loves to illustrate with humour too, bringing personality to her work where she can.

Do check out her video for a little more about the lady behind those Anna Wright colouring sheets…

To download these printables, just click on the image below as always. We hope you like them.

Anna Wright is a gorgeous UK illustrator, and we have some colouring sheets from her, so you can give them as a gift. Pop along and check them out!

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We have some other printables you might like on the site, so do check out:

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That’s plenty to keep you and the kids busy. Until next time, we hope you have enjoyed these pictures from Anna Wright. Thanks for your time.


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