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A Cat’s Tale colouring sheets: Book activity

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We have a little treat for you today; a couple of colouring sheets from the charming children’s book A Cat’s Tale, by Nancy Morris, and illustrated by Tracy Lewis. We have been sent the book, and not only is it a charming story, it is written by a lovely lady from Yorkshire who shares our passion for cats and this part of the world. (This post contains Amazon affiliate links.)

The cover of this book is simply stunning – we were drawn to it immediately, and the illustrations within the book, with their simple black and white lines are a fitting way to represent the story of a cat that teaches us well….

The books is about the arrival of a rather scruffy looking black cat on a little old lady’s doorstep on a dark, winter’s night.

The cat is named Nicholas because he arrived in the middle of the festive season, and his rather bedraggled appearance doesn’t do him credit. He is a very skillful mouser!

His adventures are greeted with merriment, and a lot of surprise, until one night his life takes a rather dramatic turn.

The book is set in Yorkshire in the 1950s, and teaches kids about fear and loss, courage and hope, and encourages a sense of community spirit which is invaluable for children to understand from an early age.

The author, Nancy, was inspire to write the look because of events in her own life. It was, in fact, first written as part of a school assembly over 30 years ago! The tale fits in beautifully with the Irish traditional seanchai stories; where the animal shows us the way, usually with a little magic and morality thrown in here and there!

The book takes around 15 minutes to read, so perfect for a bedside setting for the children, but thought-provoking enough for the kids to get real benefit from its underlying insights.

As you can see from the printables we are sharing here, the black and while illustrations really add something special to such a colourful tale. It is fitting that the words do the talking here!

A CAts Tale Colouring Sheets; Nicholas and mice, and in the larder.

The Cat’s Tale is available from Amazon, and these illustrations have been provided with kind permission of the author. Please be respectful in copying them, and credit both Nancy Morris, and Tracy Lewis, as well as the site.

We hope you enjoyed these printables, do share any pictures with us if you can, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter so that you continue to receive these resources when we produce them.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this as always.


A CAts Tale colouring sheet for you to print out and enjoy! #coloring #cats

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