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Making meat recipes fun for kids: 5 tips to encourage meat eating

This is a sponsored post from Country Valley Foods.

Sometimes it’s not easy giving our kids a balanced diet, particularly when we are blessed with fussy eaters. So, after the success of our post on encouraging your kids to eat vegetables by giving them a little added crunch, we thought we would turn our hands to meat, and come up with some meat recipes that present the meat in fun and interesting ways, so that the kids are keen on eating it.

But muuuuum, I don’t like chicken!

We have scoured Pinterest, and t’interweb and here we have some wonderful ideas to help make meat recipes that little bit more fun for your kids.

Meat Recipes: 6 ideas

1. Meat can be chewy so cook it slowly

One of the reasons why kids don’t like to eat meat is that it take ages to chew, unless you are eating a £25 sirloin steak of course. Me and my Shadow suggests that using a slow cooker to cook your meats, can really help to encourage your kids to eat it more. The meat simply falls off those bones! Slow Cooker Sweet Aromatic Lamb Tagine is one of her daughter’s favourites

2. Make things a little sweeter

The recipe above is a little sweet so a little more palatable for young mouths, and this is something that we can all do with our meat recipes. Making them slightly sweet, without going overboard, can help your children to get used to the texture of meat, alongside a flavour that they like. These wonderful kebobs from Spoonful are a great example of this. They combine the sweet cherry tomatoes, with a bit of honey and soy sauce glaze. Irresistible even to little hands and mouths!

3. Mix it up with something they love

We are a bit obsessed in the UK with the meat and two veg idea – and there is nothing wrong with that at all. However, sometimes kids just need a bit more than just a cut of meat on their plates – they want something with more than just that texture within in. The answer is to mix up their meat with some of their favourite foods, in sauces with pasta, or in a lovely warming casseroles; perfect for this time of year. There are so many meat recipes that give that extra variety to the palate, why not introduce your kids at a young age to those textures and tastes? Giada da Laurentis has a lovely recipe on her site for Chicken meatballs with pasta which looks perfect to make with your kids.

4. Make the meat look like lots of fun

Dress it up, and give the plate a bit of colour! If you have time, you can really go to town on making your meat look like it tastes irresistible. Unfortunately, kids can be swayed far too much by what their food looks like. Use this to your advantage though, and have a bit of fun with your meat once in a while! How about turning their meat into cupcakes, as Betty Crocker suggests?

Or even better, these wonderful bunny chicken pies from Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons..

5. Serve it in a fun and exciting way

Alongside making it more interesting to look at, how about serving it in a new and exciting way – cue Bento boxes? At lunchtimes in particular, these can be a great way to encourage meat eating – just look at how appetising these clown boxes look from Family Fresh Meals.

Meat recipes don’t have to be a faff either – there are some excellent ideas out there for quick and easy meat recipes for toddlers that take a few moments in the kitchen. Try these from The Simmworks Family Blog; most of these ideas can be done with a variety of different meats usually available from some of the great country food shops out there, such as Country Valley Foods here in the UK.

There are some lovely ideas to get you started here – do you have any more? How have you encouraged your little ones to be more adventurous with meat, do let me know below.

Note: Photo courtesy of Country Valley Foods.

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