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#Teamhonk support Comic Relief by flying to Ghana; give them all a honk back! #goodwork

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Since I started this blog 12 months ago (is it really that long?), its amazed me how simply fantastic the blogging community is. When people really need help, they are there to pull together to get things moving.

This time Comic Relief has called, and three wonderful bloggers have answered. Tanya from Mummy Barrow, Annie from Mammasaurus, and Penny from The Alexander Residence are off to Ghana tomorrow and Tuesday. They are visiting to see with their very own three pairs of eyes all the #goodwork that 25 years of Comic Relief has done. We are all going to be with you all the way ladies.

Teamhonk are off to see all the #goodwork in Ghana from 25 years of Comic Relief


It amazes me that it has been that long since Lenny Henry first graced our screen with those rather awe-inspiring red nose suits. Was it that long ago that Mel Smith snogged Griff Rhys Jones? I was a mere slip of a girl then, and now I have two kids, a mortgage, two cats, and a rather bigger bottom; sadly.

The #goodwork Comic Relief have done in those 25 years is invaluable and the three bloggers, hence forth know as #teamhonk, will visit four projects out there:

  • Women’s bakery (the one shown on the first episode of celeb. Great British Bake Off if you saw it)
  • Slum area school
  • Vaccination clinic and,
  • Mental health project.

For more information on their campaign, do pop along to the Teamhonk website.

What can we do to support #teamhonk?

All you need to do to show you are behind the wonderful #teamhonk and #goodwork is to use the hashtags on Twitter. They are also keen for you to display a lovely postcard from Ghana digitally and share it out in the blogosphere by displaying it on your blog, and pushing it out to all your social media fans; on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus; wherever you hang out. Just email #teamhonk and Bob’s your uncle; they’ll sort it for you.

Support teamhonk for 25 years of comic relief

So come on, get your noses out and cheer for #teamhonk! 

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