Comic Relief #Danceathon: The story of a honkosaurus and a personal nightmare in gold leggings

My Dinosaurs are saddled up and we are ready to boogie in the Comic Relief Danceathon!

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So on Sunday I saddled up my Dinosaurs, and rode off to Wembley to shake my honkosaurus touche for the Comic Relief Danceathon…

My Dinosaurs are saddled up and we are ready to boogie in the Comic Relief Danceathon!

And guess what, we did it. TeamHonk are officially awesome – well if Claudia Winkleman says it, it must be true, right? There is still time to SPONSOR ME, and we can hopefully take our total soaring over £30,000 pounds. Well worth every ache, pain, and squashed toe.

I started the day with a smile, and manage to finish it with a big wide, slightly greenish-hued grin – which given my Dino Tales sponsorship was rather appropriate….

We made it - we danced for six hours in aid of comic relief, and most importantly I didn't die in my Dino Tales inspired onesie!

Neither of these are the most flattering of photos, but to be honest, dancing for six hours, or even preparing for that doesn’t bring the best out in anyone. I bet even Kimberley Walsh didn’t look her best that evening….

We started off the weekend with a little bit of a warm up, with the kids encouraging me in my Dino boogie-ing in my Dino Tales onesie…

There was a little bit too much dino fighting in the background for my liking!

The day itself was truely wonderful. I never thought that I would actually ENJOY dancing for six hours, but the atmosphere inside Wembley was unbelieveable. Everyone was working for one thing; to raise money for those more unfortunate than ourselves. An inspirational idea to be able to have fun, and raise cash at the same time.

The Dance order was punishing:

  • 12pm – 70’s disco
  • 12.30pm – Swag
  • 1pm – 80s Anthems
  • 1.30pm – Musical Theatre
  • 2pm – 90s Rave
  • 2.30pm – Michael Jackson Moves
  • 3pm – Funk
  • 3.30pm – Diva Dancing
  • 4pm – Bashment
  • 4.30pm – Pop
  • 5pm – Ballroom & Latin Taught by Dancers on Strictly
  • 5.30pm – Sixties Soul.

They didn’t start us off slow, and had us dancing to Car Wash, and I Will Survive in the first 3o minutes. This proved not to be for the faint hearted, or those who were hoping to just shuffle quietly from one foot to the other and make sure that no-one actually noticed *who me*

It wasn’t until the gold-legging-ed 1980s nightmare came on that I personally realised that I was going to struggle to do this for six hours. She had clearly injected herself with Duracell battery acid as she a) didn’t seem capable of standing still and b) was rather impossible for me to follow. I did take a peak at some of my fellow dancers, and I feel there was a general consensus that this was going to be a long six hours if we had to keep this level of energy up. I simply was no-longer built as I had been all those years ago when I last donned MY leg warmers, and gold leggings…..

BUT, the support of fellow dancers, and the excitement at the Michael Jackson Thriller sequence, which I so wish I could have video-ed rather than being in, carried us all through. In fact, the guy that did Michael Jackson was the BEST of all of the instructors, he used the songs in the run up to teach us the Thriller steps for a finale, and we all GOT IT. That must have been an amazing sight; 2,000 zombies all mooching around Wembley.

I didn’t see enough of the lovely honkers that I wanted too; from an inane grin at Mummy Barrow (before she showed her £1000-sponsorship raising tattoo on her bottom on stage), to a good boogie with Actually Mummy, Tired Mummy of Two, Mammasaurus, Stressy Mummy, Pinkoddy, Mum of One, All You Need is Love and Cake, Pigeon Pair and Me, HattydazeGrenglish, Circus Mums, Chocolate is not the Only Fruit, Gammon and Chips, and loads of other lovely bloggers – there just didn’t seem to be enough time to stop and chat..! *what a surprise*

We were all busy either pulling shapes, or sharing our exploits on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to try and raise as much money as possible.

There were flapper girls (wait for it….):

And funky unicorns with eighties chicks….

There was even Rufus Hound leading the audience during the bashment set one of the dance teacher’s mikes failed and he needed to draft in a replacement fast…

We all love a bit of bashment, and so did Rufus Hound when the Bashment  tutor made a quick exit as his mic broke - he had to lead the Danceathon crowds!

But most of all there was Hope

Hope for those that we were raising money for.

So don’t forget to Sponsor Us and save a life. This was what this danceathon was all about after all. It will definitely make the fact that I can’t move my neck properly this morning a little bit easier to deal with.

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  • Oh my goodness – just checking out the comments above….all I can say is, it was really ace to see you there, and in my opinion we all deserve a big clap for dancing so long and raising such a huge amount of money! (it was lots of fun too, though, of course!) x

  • Oh I had such a fab time all day long, would love to do it all again! I think the 80s lady did have a tough session time, half way through when we were probably all flagging a bit, and also as it’s my favourite era I have to admit I’d rather have just been doing a bit more freestyle dancing to that! But every section had its highlights :)

  • I was watching at home from the sofa, and the woman in gold leggings exhausted me – all credit to her for doing her bit and getting up in front of a huge crowd and doing it tho! Loved the look of the Thriller routine – It looked like such a great day – am so gutted I couldnt join in – pesky house move!

  • Whilst I wasn’t there sadly to join in we did watch you all day on TV – and you did an amazing job! As for the 1980’s gold leggings – I’m totally with you, her instruction wasn’t the best and it was obvious to see everyone was struggling to keep up with her! You danced solidly for 6 hours – she came on and did 1/2 an hour so I think you win the being charitable badge! Well done all of you for being so amazing! And v jealous of the thriller section – now that was an inspired and inspiring dance teacher!

  • It was brilliant to see you again Helen, and I loved your costume – go you for dancing in it for 6 hours, I would have needed several fans built in haha! I have to agree though, the 80’s woman, while great at what she did, was just too much for me….. I spent the whole session with a bewildered look on my face!

  • You guys did so well. Congrats to all.
    Obviously, some people are still a little “over-tired” from the event, otherwise they would recognise your self-deprecating humour and attempt to describe the gold-attired dancer as a ball of energy who you just couldn’t keep up with.

  • I think you did an amazing job, especially in your dinosaur suit. I think you are right the 80s instructor did work us very hard, and it seemed very fast. I guess I don’t dance enough to keep up. Thriller bit was by my favourite and a much slower pace. Knowing how much good we did though made it all worthwhile.

  • You were all so brilliant and I don’t think anyone who wasn’t there can comprehend the personal challenges every single one of the dancers went through. I was being a supporter at home, dancing in my lounge for the 6 hours and you were possibly much more pleasant about the dance instructors than me! It was hard work!! Well done to you all for such a massive achievement!

  • There was no time to chat, what was that all about? Agree it was full on from the start wasn’t it! Well done you, and sorry I didn’t see you in fab costume! xxx

    • Ha ha – you are so right – too much time spent dancing! Though u didn’t see me, bet u smelled me ;-) Well done again xx

  • I’m sorry but i have to agree with Piggypink. You have made it very personal by heading your blog the nightmare in gold leggings. That girl must have worked so hard to put that routine together, it doesn’t just happen. I don’t think there are many people that would put the time and effort in and do it all for charity. I thought she was one of the best instructors on the Danceathon and I watched it from beginning to end. As for her gold leggings did you not get it? She was doing the 80’s section!!!!! Her outfit was spot one, I thought she looked bl**dy great. What you have said is very unkind and very uncharitable (and lets face it that’s what it was all about CHARITY)

    • Thanks for the comment, Sam. I repeat that I was making a remark on my own ability to follow, and not a slight at the lady concerned; who had more energy than most of the other 1,999 people in the room. I most definitely got the gold leggings too, naturally. We have all gone that extra mile for the charity, of course including the instructor, raising over £30,000 as a team – and hopefully pushing Red Nose Day on to great things in 2015.

  • Seriously you need to think about what you right about the dancers, they have feelings and you making up rubbish about them which isn’t even true, if you haven’t got anything nice to say about the 1980’s dance instructed then don’t say anything at all! She was there for charity just like you and yet all you can do is slag her off!! Just think before righting on the Internet please…thank you

    • Hi there – thanks for your comments. I totally appreciate that she gave up her time, and applaud that. I am expressing my opinion of how I felt about my ability to keep up – nothing personnel meant at all.

  • Brilliant! We watched some of you all from out sitting room and were excited even from that far away. So glad it all went so well and I love those videos! Congratulations :)

    • Thanks so much. It was a tough day, but sooooo worth it – and so much easier knowing that you were all cheering us on too!

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