Please Nominate Me by Clicking - Best Small Business Blog

Please Nominate Me by Clicking - Best Small Business Blog

We’ve been nominated as Best Small Business Blog in week 1 in the MAD Blog Awards which is fantastic. Thanks so much for your support and for getting us this far.

Panic Nominate NOW!

I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, and I am definitely not but……

I do need more nominations. There I’ve said it now. It’s out in the open.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said it.

That’ll probably mean everyone will panic nominate us now I’ve said it.

And that could lead to terrible problems for the MAD Blog folks; queues on the servers, running out of bandwidth…

Best Small Business Blogger?

So if my posts make you smile, touch a chord, or you would like me to shut up and stop begging, then please nominate me using the badge on the left or right for the Best Small Business Blog.

We need as many as we can get to be short-listed. So go on, give us a click.  Do it before I sell the kids for more votes. Or put a video of them up here looking sickly sweet. Though I may already have done that when I launched our KiddyCharts Reward Charts website last week…

Incidentally, I also know someone that makes gorgeous home-made chocolates. So I am definitely worth getting on the good side of.



KiddyCharts would like to apologise for the panic nominations that this post might precipitate. Please accept our apologies for any upset or disruption this may have caused you and your family.

In addition, this post contains unashamed begging and dangerous sarcasm. If this has offended you in any way, we would also like to apologise.

Right, enough of that, lets all have a nice sit down together for a cup of hot chocolate and a hobnob.