KiddyCharts: Snow White and Hulk Announce Reward Chart Store Launch!

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We made it.

Phase I is here; but whatever does that mean though?

Well, the blog is up and running on – yeah.

And most importantly, we have finally managed to get a reward charts store together so that you can order hardcopy versions of the printable reward charts that we shall be offering for immediate printing in later phases of the site.

We still have the great choices for our hardcopy charts, both in A4 (£4.95) and A3 (£8.95), including:

  • 12 different professionally designed backgrounds
  • 40 little star images to represent the different challenging behaviours / chores
  • Ability to add a photograph into the background – including making your little stars pirates or princesses!

As Stuntboy and Chatterbox helped so much in the development of the product – perhaps they should launch it officially.

Apologies for the amateurish video…but hey, working with kids and all that.

Though they were keen on doing it, I only got two shots at it before they both got bored and wanted to play with Lego.

And even then, I am not sure that everyone will be able to completely understand what the Hulk is trying to say…perhaps its the Gamma Rays…


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