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I am not going to mince my words this time, and I know some people find this vulgar…however I am a shameless blogging whore that isn’t going to hold back ;-)

I have been blogging since January 2012 always with the same focus; the charts and advice that I hope will help others with this parenting malarkey that can be so dammed hard sometimes.

We have added now tools to the blog, with four charts now available, and every printable on the site free for you all. We have got a spiffing new competition listing just this year, with the chance to win £50 in Amazon vouchers every month, just by adding to the list. We bring you advice, fun, free stuff and the occasional video as well.

We want the site to keep on being part of this wonderful parenting blog community, but to also be somewhere where mums and dads can go to point them in the right direction when their children continue to befuddle them, and they need that little bit extra. Whether that’s to be able to find a chart that helps, or just see that someone is writing about the same issue isn’t important, as long as they know that there is a little bit of extra help out there.

Please spare a bit of time to vote for us in the INNOVATE category within the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards; I know it s pain, and I know its a lot to ask to spar the time, but it’ll help us to keep on doing what we have been doing for over two years. Perhaps we might even win it this year *doubts it due to competition but you never know.* In case you missed it…here we go again ;-)


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