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Destination Digital – FREE advice for women in Cambridgeshire: Cofficing back into the working world

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Destination Digital gives women free support around new digital technologys - take a look and see how it could benefit YOU!

Sometimes writing this blog, and running this site has thrown me the odd curveball, and an amazing opportunity lands in my lap.

That was what happened a few weeks ago, when I found myself at the Cambridgeshire County Council (“CCC”) offices talking about my journey developing KiddyCharts and my championing of the new flexible workspace, the coffice.

I am, in fact, writing this from a coffice near me….ironically…laptop on the table, free Wifi and a cake in hand…

CCC have launched a brand new initiative to inspire women to use digital technologies to help them set up their businesses, and the service is totally free. Destination Digital was launched yesterday at the Future Business Centre in Cambridge.

Destination Digital is being funded by the government’s Women and Broadband Challenge Fund set up by the government to encourage women to use broadband services.

The project will provide women with:

  • Financial support for companies let by women.
  • Grants for activities for business networks
  • Assistance online in the form of a tookit around the use of new technologies for women in business
  • Access to training materials and courses for free between now and April 2015.

It is all FREE – so why wouldn’t you take a chance and have a look? Without digital technology, simply wouldn’t exist. I couldn’t manage the business, look after the children, or indeed, run the business without the broadband, and digital capabilities that I have learnt in the last few years. So why can’t you too?

Take a look at the video to see how I manage the digital world, and if you need assistance in starting off, why not drop them a line to or phone them on 01223 706123. You can even contact me, and we can see if we can help too :-D

You just never know where it might lead.

Helen Neale - Flexible working through 'Coffices'

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just love that this initiative is all about, and I like being on camera too *not*

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