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Parenting snapshots: How to cope with Separation anxiety

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In this week’s parenting snapshot we talk about separation anxiety.  Separation anxiety is more common in younger children and toddlers, especially when they are aware you are about to leave them.  There is no set age when it starts occurring but the usual age seems to be  between 1-2 years old and often with no cause.  Your child has only known you as their main carer and don’t possess the concept of knowing when you are coming back.  They are learning to understand that they are separate from you and this can be a huge wrench for a young child.

Some of the topics I cover with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching are:

  1. How you can help your child when starting pre-school or nursery
  2. Reassurance
  3. Handling your own emotions
  4. Starting full time school for the first time
Parenting Snapshots: Separation Anxiety

Does your child have separation anxiety?  Do you have any other tips for our readers on how to cope with it?  As usual, do leave your comments for us below.

Other topics you may find useful are:

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