Blogging for business: starting a new personal blog

Blogging for business: starting a new personal blog

We have been blogging for business here at KiddyCharts for nearly 9 months now.

Wow – is it really, really that long?

And I STILL have a lot to say…shock, horror.

However, some of it isn’t right to say on a small business website, so I am not going to.

I have set up a new personal blog, where I can be a bit more forthright, a little bit more personal, and stop talking about those blasted sticker charts all the time.

We have christened it Stickers, Stars and Smiles; because well, we hope to have a lot of those in our lives over the next few years.

So pop along and say “hi.” If you like us here, you bet you’ll like us over there too!

Do you blog for your small business? Have you found that blogging for business has meant that you enjoyed it so much you set up a personal blog? Or did you find you needed a separate one for business just like we have? Do let us know.

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