How to make a pinwheel from foam

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Nothing could be simpler than showing you how to make a pinwheel from foam; they are decorative too.

They could bring a bit of colour to any garden or party. The wooden skewer makes them easy to stand up in plant pots or vases.

Why not make a whole bunch of them with the kids?

You will need:
Coloured foam
Wooden skewers

Step 1
Cut a 15cm x 15cm square from the foam sheet

Step 2
Cut towards the centre from each corner, stopping about 2cm short.

Step 3
Take one point from one of the segments and fold in to the middle and glue in place.

Step 4
Repeat with the other three segments.

Step 5
Glue a decorative button in to the middle of your foam pin wheel shape.

Step 6
Take the wooden skewer and push the point in to the back of the pin wheel, behind the button.


We have shown two different sizes with a simple button centre. There is nothing to stop you from adding extra decoration. Remember they don’t actually spin so you can make them extra pretty. Feathers, sequins or glitter could be used. Why not use felt tips to draw patterns on the foam sheets too?

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