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Linky – Instructions not included #2: Potty training at night

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Potty Training at Night: Pinterest

A couple of weeks ago I started the parenting tips linky with a collection of posts about starting school; not an easy time for many, and I hope some of the posts that we have in this collection will help, and continue to help the wee kiddies up and down the country settle in.

We had some great posts linked up, but the ones that stood out for me were those from Mums Make Lists who gave us a wonderful starting school checklist – which will help many a frantic mum up and down the land.

I also loved this post from Missie Lizzie on making going to school fun by creating a wee treasure hunt on the walk to school for them to do…though with my two, we would definitely have to allow plenty of time to get this done!

Potty training at night

This time, I would like to do something a little bit different; potty training at night.

My little boy and girl both had very different experiences with this; my daughter trained herself. However, with my son, he was such a deep sleeper at night that he would often wake just after getting the bed slightly wet, and then take himself to the loo.

In time, he seems to have managed to have mastered the art, if with a little encouragement not to drink the entire contents of the Nile before retiring to bed! ;-)

We are going to publish a hangout on this later on this week, so I thought that this would be a great opportunity to get other people’s views on the topic as well.

What are your experiences of night-time training, do you have any tips, any ideas, or resource to share with us? If you do, then pop them in the linky below so we can all get the collective benefit from our breadth of knowledge.

The rules

I have decided to change the rules for the linky – there aren’t any – do what you like!

Be great if you can grab my badge, share some posts and comment on other people’s links, but if you haven’t time don’t worry. The main thing is to make a wonderful resource for people going through potty training at night.

Now I am off to find some great resources for you all :-D

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