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Baby shower gifts for first time parents

Baby Shower Gift – It can be a lot of fun and exciting to help your friends or loved ones celebrate the impending birth of their first child. Nothing compares to the thrill of a first-time pregnancy, and allowing that excitement to spill over is something that should be encouraged, especially given how things have been in the world recently. Everyone needs a bit of happiness right now!

If you are considering newborn baby gifts for someone who is expecting a baby, or simply want to give them a gift that will be used rather than sitting in a closet, it is a good idea to conduct some research on what things are useful for new mothers and their babies.

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Baby shower gifts for first time parents

Here, we look at a few thoughtful and fun ideas.

A family photo shoot with their new baby

Baby shower gifts

Capturing the initial days, weeks, and months of a new baby’s life, as well as how they change, is something new parents be able to look back on for many years. Fun and creative photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular, and you will want to choose a photographer who shares the values of the family to help them snap photos that reflect who they are as a family.

Baby Shower Gifts – Feeding products

Baby shower gifts parents

However the mother decides to feed their baby, whether nursing or bottle-feeding, replenishing their stocks of newborn baby feeding basics is a very practical and helpful gift. Breast pumps, breast milk storage pods, nipple cream, feeding pillows, and bottles are just a few of the items available. Practical items like bibs and muslin squares will be handy and products that parents will use over and again.

Practical items

Baby shower for first time parents

New parents are not always sure what goods will be helpful to them. Different mums have different items they can’t live without, making it difficult to know what to get. Nappy cream, wet wipes, baby wash, moisturiser, and nappies are all extremely practical gifts that, when combined in a hamper, will be welcomed by every new family, regardless of what else they have purchased! A thermometer is also a good investment as well, as are nasal aspirators (gross, but helpful!) and blankets.

The bigger items

Baby shower gifts and ideas

If you truly want to go all out on a gift, there are always things that new parents will appreciate. Items that can be costly, such as a cot, a changing table or a baby bath, will help new parents prepare without breaking the bank.

A car seat, first aid classes, pram, and nursery furniture are all lovely things to buy if you can afford them for the new parents. Just make sure that you talk to them about their preferences first.

Time and attention

Giving your time to look after the baby while the parents take a nap or shower, prepare meals, and help with chores are all wonderful ways to aid new parents. When it comes to regular day-to-day activities, you can never be really prepared for the disruption a new baby will cause in your life. Giving help is just as valuable as giving things, and it’s often more appreciated.

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