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Ten facepaint ideas for kids: Having a Pinterest facepaint party!

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So – my daughter said to me a few week’s ago:

“Mummy, can you paint my face like a Moshi Monster?”

My reply was a little bit stressed as I was trying to cook dinner at the time, and I didn’t actually check to see what was happening for five minutes or so afterwards, and then I was greeted by this…

Face painting ideas: Chatterbox's Pooky 

My daughter painting my son’s face as Pooky instead – which was nice, and will teach me to try and cook dinner while attempting to stave off face painting tendencies from my kids.

It did however, prompt me to take to Pinterest and t’interweb to find some inspiration for the next time that this strange desire should strike my daughter and I thought I would share what I found with you; a sort of top facepaint ideas post as brought to you by other people because my facepaint ideas aren’t always the best *Pooky aside*

1. Something for everyone have some fantastic facepaint ideas for kids, and they are actually quite simple as well, something that even I could manage without too much trouble one hopes:

I even think that Chatterbox could do some of these, which would be wonderful as she does like taking a brush to her brother’s face.

2. Ahoy there mi hearties
This pirates design from looks pretty cool as well:

3. Hello there Kitty!
As the pirates are for the boys, what about this for the girls..?

4. Direct from the horses mouth – erm sort of sells a lot of facepaint kit, which we may need as we seem to be running low on green now *can’t think why* They also have an excellent collection of designs to choose from too

5. Small but subtle..
if you are like me, you are looking for simple, but effective, and this is gorgeous from Cielo Designs; oh so effective despite its simplicity, a few ladybirds and you are there :-D

Mercedes Pearcey’s pin on Pinterest.

6. 14 more facepaint ideas to give them a good scare…
This is another collection, but this time from; we particularly like the dog is this lot, but mainly because I would like to use it on the kids and then let them lose on our two cats ;-)

7. Halloween facepaint ideas, as this wouldn’t be complete without them…
Designrshub has come up trumps with this excellent collection…and facepainting ideas wouldn’t be complete with halloween in there now would it. The great this about this is that it also includes a clown. If anyone else has kids like mine, you will know that this clown dress up and play is also another way to keep your kids entertained. Clown Antics is a great site for helping out with these endeavours as well *big feet anyone?*

8. More ideas but with FULL INSTRUCTIONS this time…
With my partying on Pinterest for these ideas, I have noticed that pictures are de rigueur, but coupling these with instructions is, well, just extra work for everyone. This is why I like this collection from Love to Know Crafts; they come with proper help and everything.

9. Out of season but AWESOME
Right, this is a reindeer, and I KNOW it is Christmas. Not even I am that slow to realise this; however, this is simply the best tutorial that I found, and my daughter saw me working and wanted it, like, NOW. So I am afraid I have had to incldue it in here because of its level of skill…thanks so much to Mouths of Mums, you are truly Epic at this facepaint lark

10. And finally…something for little ones that don’t want ALL their face done
When my wee boy was younger, he didn’t want his whole face painted, in fact, he wouldn’t sit still lon enough for any artists to even attempt to do this. Therefore, we had a few little facepain ideas for his cheeks, an his hands. This collection of 10 ideas from a user of Flickr is perfect for those littlies that don’t want a full facial.

Gill Slane’s pin on Pinterest.

I hope these facepaint ideas have tickled yours, and your kids fancy, do you have any other ideas to add, if you do, do let me know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you. If you like this post, do subscribe to the blog as well:


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